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Awwwww, thanks everyone



I want everyone to know that I even though I havent really posted a lot, I've been home since thursday and I've been reading all of the super sweet comments everyone has been making :wub::wub: :wub: . I feel really lucky to be part of a forum like this one with all kinds of cool people.

Im doing really good now. I had to stay the night on Wed because they couldn't really control my bleeding and my breathing was kinda messed up, but I got to come home on Thursday morning. Im sure that the nurses were glad to see me and my dad go. He was bugging the nurses non stop about every little thing, and I think he yelled at one of them for rolling her eyes, but I was half asleep when it was happening, so I don't remember all of it.

I could'nt have grits or cheesecake right away, but I did finally get to have grits on thursday night, but my bf had to blow on them first(I know, Im a jerk for making him feed me....lol) because the steam was bad for me. Part of he tumor was up in my nose, so they had to go in and get it out of there, and they packed my nose with these things that they pulled out yesteray, and I swear to god, I think I'll just let the tumor grow next time...lol...j/k. But I did get sick when they pulled them out, just because I couldn't believe that they were in my nose. I had to lay down and they put a wet rag on my forehead so I wouldn't feel so sick.

Anyway, I feel 100 % better now, and I just wanted to make sure that I came on and let everyone know that Im ok, and that I think that you all are such sweethearts for leaving me those nice comments :wub::wub::wub:


BTW, I read TOU 23, and Im so excited....I wonder if Murphy and Mrs. Moore are gonna actually get it on...that would so RULE!!!! Of course, the only good thng about TOU ending is that DD will start again, and Im even happier about that...as much as I love Quinn and Jude, and Aiden and Owen, Rory is my favorite character. I can just relate to him fo some reason.

I also started on chapter 28 of my story, so it should hopefully be posted by tonight for anyone who is following it.








I had a piece of cheesecake yestersay. My dad drove all the way to the Cheesecake Factory to get me a cheesecake. Im not sure how many miles it is from here, but I think it's half way to Norfolk, so it's pretty far. Anyway, it was double delicious :)


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Hey Nickolas,


Glad things went well and you're home where they let you sleep (Mom's a nurse and tried to explain why they wake you up all the time in the hospital but I still say it's a sadistic plot by the nurses!).


Make sure you use the "I'm recovering from surgery" sympathy/guilt to your maximum advantage while it lasts! 0:)



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Anyway, I feel 100 % better now, and I just wanted to make sure that I came on and let everyone know that Im ok, and that I think that you all are such sweethearts for leaving me those nice comments




We may disagree when we debate,

and ocassionally fuss, fight and sas,

But don't mistake our dysfunction for hate,

Mess with this family and we'll all kick your ass!

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I'm soooo glad to hear you're doing well! Take care of yourself (and make everyone take care of you too). Hehe, if I was sick I'd make my bf feed me too so I say go for it. :D

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I am so glad that you are feeling better!!! Yippee..and Gawd that sounds painful and stuff...I would have fainted given the description you gave (I admit I am a wus with pain)


and you weren't a jerk to have your BF feed you. I think its sweet, romantic and aww shucks kinda cute....


I am glad you got your cheesecake and grits:) Your BF is a good nurse (beats the ones at the hospital...LOL)


Sounds like your Dad was more stressed then you but then again you are his son and Dads worry and fret and all that love to make sure you weren't in pain.


I always say being in a hospital is no place to be sick (all those infections running around) so I am glad you got out ok and quickly.


Sending you good karma for a speedy recovery!!


Dom even sent Chapter 23 on his birthday...It was an awesome chapter and a great one to read during your recovery:)


Feel better and get some rest too:)


Hugs sent your way! And snuggle lots with your BF...that's the best medicine there is:)



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