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The End of the Road



From the look of things, Hillary Clinton is at the end of the road, so to speak. We can only hope that in this case, the end of the road also means the end of her political career, as it seems she won't be the president of the United States. She doesn't need New York anymore, and while she may run for re-election, I can't see her being re-elected. Her ugly side was on full display for all to see this year, and boy was it ugly.


My guess is that Obama and McCain are going to have a close election, but that Obama will pull it out. McCain is just too old to win the presidency. People in this country have to understand that a near centurion has old, out of date views that have no relevence in today's society. I'm not wishing the man harm or anything, but I wouldn't mind seeing his health take a bad turn right before the repuke convention so that they can put someone a little more tolerable than McCain up against Obama, someone like Ron Paul...ok, just kidding. I know he'd never have a chance to be nominated, much less win the Whitehouse, but the reason for that is sad, really. You've got a guy who respects the constitution and the rights of everyone in the nation, and because of that, he's cast as crazy. I guess what I'd like to know is how he's considered crazy while our current president took us to war against the wishes of the nation, and in spite of the warnings from people all around him who knew what was coming. Now we know that everything they said would happen was right, and McCain wants to continue on with this war. And somehow Ron Paul is crazy?


What's amazing to me is how so many people are willing to vote for McCain. I imagine that most of them live in a singlewide trailer full of rent to own furniture, but that's another rant altogether. But it furthers my argument that not everyone should be allowed to vote.


Ok, so that ends today's political rant. I've decided for personal reasons not to post in the political forums for the time being. If you'd like to debate anything I've said, or add to it, feel free to do so right here, because I won't be replying to posts in the political forums until further notice.


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