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Dance Dance Dance!



Mike dances??? :lmao::lmao:


Holy shit...


Someone is breaking my shell and I don't know who it is but I'm angry... :devil:


The shell I've worked 20 LONG AND HARD years to form. The shell that no man or woman could ever break. The shell that kept me in my comfort zone no matter how much deep down inside I wanted to branch out. The shell that held me back all these years from the things I enjoy, for the things I keep hidden for the things that make me, well me. and just like that BROKEN!


I go to work, the radio is booming I end up dancing, kids watch me, I end up dancing with them and they all think I'm nut's. I mean I would to. Since when the f**K does Mr. Michael dance? All he ever does is sit in the corner and yell at everyone. I bet everyone thought I didn't even know how to dance, shit I thought I didn't know how to dance... But I'm having fun, their having fun... so what's wrong with this? Besides me looking like a totally moron nothing, because I'm willing to keep those priceless smiles on all 200 of those innocent faces, that's what I love! And Proudly, I'm okay with this... I'm finally breaking out, and I'm scared at what I might do next...


*GASP* :blink::blink::blink:


I might start calling people things like HONEY, or SWEETHEART!


God, I need some pills and a bed...




Who knows I may just go ball to the walls and fully out myself... :blink:




Yeah if you believed that for even a second I think your the one's needing those pills. :D


-Mike "Who's wondering which poor kid's get to by my next dancing victim's tomorrow :2hands: ..."


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That's awesome Mike. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.


Somehow, I don't think the world is in danger of you calling every third person "sweetheart," but loosening up may be good for you.

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you mean "faaaaaaaaaaabulous!"

This had me cracking up for a good five minutes if not more. I'm sure I'll think back to your statement and start laughing in the middle of my lecture tonight.


You're lovely. :D


Btw, dancing is good for the soul. It will lead you to great things one day *solemn, grave voice*

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Btw, dancing is good for the soul. It will lead you to great things one day *solemn, grave voice*


Yes, we all know that dancing leads to sex

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Guest Gene


this is i think the 4th blog i have read. it was funny unlike the others. i always thought dancing was kind of like having sex.

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