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A recount of recent events



I stayed up till 5am chatting with my best friend (Scott) last night/today. I was really nice, we hadn't had a chance to hang out just the two of us and really talk for several weeks.


FF ('former friend' from previous entires) seems to be interested in reconciling. Things have been warm and pleasant between us of late. Nevertheless, while I'll continue to be nice to him, and even welcome his presence among our mutual friends and shared activities, I don't think I have any interest in returning to a close friendship with him anytime soon.


Andrew (ex-boyfriend) is behaving as oddly as ever. Since we first broke up he's been breathing hot and cold, trying to get back together then ignoring me, then randomly calling/texting me...then ignoring me again. I really don't care. I mean I do care, about him that is, but I really don't care about the situation. I wish him well, but I'm not interested in getting back with him, or even with having a close friendship with him, so my approach has just been to be nice and friendly when he contacts me, then forget about it until he randomly decides to contact me again. I don't even particularly care much because I know how complicated his life is right now. So whatever, I'm willing to be there for him sporadically when he decides he needs it.


My gurl Amanda is going through a rough patch with her girlfriend. They'll probably break up this time, which is weird given how much they've been through and NOT broken up. It sucks because it's her birthday soon. She mentioned that all she really wanted was for 'girlfriend' to send her flowers at work and spend the day with her. Unfortunately I won't be able to spend the day with her, but I've decided I'll send her flowers at work. I know it's not the same thing, but I really think it'll make her happy anyway.


I got to hang with John yesterday (he and Scott and I were hanging out then he went home and Scott and I kept chatting for several hours). It was awesome; I've really missed that guy. I've always thought we were sort of kindred spirits. Which is why I didn't mind that he'd essentially disappeared and spontaneously decided to go to Canada, Mexico, and the East Coast. I didn't mind because I think one of the things we share in common is a free-spirited, spontaneous attitude, as well as a love for traveling. So he can disappear and leave the country if he wants to...I'd do it occasionally myself if I could get away with it, but I'd piss everyone off, lose my job, and fail my class...so it's not really a good option.


My boy William has a new boyfriend (big surprise :P ), and he's doing pretty well. He's working on getting his real estate license. I've really missed him as well. He now lives in a suburb of Houston that's a fair drive away from where we all usually hang out. So I was delighted when we ran into him and the new bf at the pride parade last weekend.


Pride parade/last weekend


Speaking of the pride parade it was an interesting evening to say the least. I ended up marching with a big sign that said, "Being Gay Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" and then the gay symbol with the two interlocking 'boy circles' (you know the one). Had a delightful time!


Things got odd from there though. Scott and I were going to go out with our friends R and S. So we met up with them then I got a call from my friend Paul. Paul wanted to meet up with us all so we met him. Anyway, at one point R, S, their friend Frank, and Scott were all out on the balcony chatting and I was in the kitchen with Paul. Now Paul was very drunk...and horny. He tried to hook up with me. I wasn't interested (sorta all goes back to that no sex or dating friends thing)...then he DID suggest a relationship. I'm not sure if he just thought he'd have better luck that way or what, but again I reiterated that I didn't think it would be a good idea. He seemed okay with it (he was really drunk after all).


Next we were all going to go out, but Scott couldn't get into the club because his I.D. had expired, so we parted with R, S, Frank, and Paul and I took him home. When we got home Luke informed us that one of Scott's tires was flat. Turned out it was VERY flat. Now if anyone thinks Scott is going to change his own tire then you've clearly not met Scott (well I don't actually expect that any of you have met Scott anyway). The average 8th grader is literally larger than he is. He's also wholly inexperienced with such matters. Thus the tire changing fell on my shoulders.


After finishing that up and briefly going in to clean up I discovered that my boys had been neglecting their dishes and countertops in my protracted absence (I've been busy). A dirty kitchen just irritates me and I knew that they weren't going to be doing much about it anytime soon so I cleaned up for them. By the time I was done Scott had received a phone call from his mom, which was weird given that it was after midnight by this point. Naturally I was concerned so I didn't want to go home until I found out what was wrong.


In the meantime Luke persuaded me to help him back for his week-long trip to Canada. The guy has major dependency issues. I don't know if he was feigning incompetence to get me to help him (I honestly really hope he was), but he'd originally planned to take all of two shirts, and NO SOCKS with him on this week-long excursion. Our conversation went something like this:


"Do you think I'll need socks?" he inquired.


"Yes," I responded.


"Really?" he pressed, evidently in disbelief.


"Well how long did you say you'd gone?" I asked for confirmation.


"A week," he answered.


"Then yeah, you're gonna need socks," I stated.


"But I have underwear," he pointed out, thinking that apparently this compensated for the lack of socks.


"Yes, but that doesn't really change the fact that you'll need the socks," I re-emphasized as I folded the extra shirts I'd insisted that he bring then refolded the two bunched up one he'd originally packed on his own.


"But they're all dirty," he said sadly.


"Well you should have done laundry," I pointed out exasperated.


"I did...that's why I have the underwear"




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that makes no sense. wow. hahahahaha


so wernet you talking about some guy that you were seeing in some of your previous blogs? :? what happened to him?



hahaha. :) I'm glad you were blessed with such interesting friends.


that way the rest of us dont have to deal with such things. :P



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Hey James :)


I very briefly had a boyfriend named Ryan, but it didn't work out.


LOL, yeah they're a trip sometimes :)

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Kev, nice little dialogue with your friend (hahahahaha). So, have you ever used something from a conversation IRL in your stories? I could totally see this in BMAD... although, who would be the clueless one? ^_^

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