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Clearly, I've not been watching enough movies



My back brain has decided that I've not been watching enough monster movies, and has seen fit to provide them for me. Nearly every day for the last week has come with a monster or horror driven nightmare. Today, I was a dimension-skipper, trying with my cousin and some guy we picked up along the way to stay ahead of an alien race that seeks to devour the human race. Apparently, we really do taste good with ketchup. The dream even saw to providing standard movie tropes, such as the burgeoning love triangle between myself, my (female) cousin, and our guest. There was also the hint, right before I woke up and so could provide the most plot twists, that our friend was exactly on the up and up.


I have no idea what to make of this. Still, its better than yesterday, when during a running fight with a black magician I was cursed to barf flies. Live ones. That got in my mouth. This woke me up of course, and only barely did I not wake up screaming. I decided that if such a thing happened to me, where I was reduced to trying to claw out fly bits and still wriggling flies from the recesses of my mouth, I would go crazy and not come back. They shot me in the dream, to stop the screams, which was the correct response I think.


Other highlights have included demons, werewolves, a dragon, giant bugs, and I think dinosaurs. Its been an interesting couple of days. I wonder if mass murderer is on the billing?

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Wow, with a subconscious like yours you should try writing.


Spaghetti sauce seems to do it for me. Last night all the baddies came to roost, including my father who's been dead for over thirty years and hasn't made an appearance for years.

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