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To all the people that wrote to me...



... because I am a resident of California, this is for you.


For the record, I voted NO on Prop 8... as if that needed to be cleared up. Furthermore, I'm REALLY f**kING DISAPPOINTED that a little over half of the people that live in this state still find it acceptable to take, that's right, I said TAKE away the rights of another human being.


Discrimination... bigotry... selfishness... arrogance... ignorance... naivety... hate...


You know, I am so against these things that my brain can't even process it... It's like short circuiting as I try to figure out how this happened. I would NEVER presume to think that I get to decide what's right for someone else or that I should even get to have some input. What is wrong with people? Seriously. And then to use children... the same children that are forever the victims of our mistakes, as a reason... disgusting. I'm literally ashamed to be grouped in with these people.


I apologize, I thought California and its people were better than this.


Also, Rich has decided that we're doing this crazy P90X workout program where we don't say 'can't' and instead say we're 'presently struggling with' but mostly I'm just telling the guy to f**K off. I know I'm not in the best shape, but I'm pretty buff and able to be active, and this guy is introducing me to muscles I didn't know I had...


Also, Tony broke up with Danielle... As far as I can tell, it was a panic maneuver... we'll see what happens. I really liked her, and he does, too, but he got scared and a case of 'grass is greener' syndrome, as far as I can tell.


My new boss started on Monday and so far, so good. She's nice and smart and seems like a good person, a mom of two girls, and a lot like me and already I've helped her out enough times that I think she's suitably impressed.


A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Comicality for having a book in print!!! :D Awesome!


Gonna go see my Luvuh tomorrow and get pink with him :P:wub:


My daughter got grounded for screaming, "Where did you f**king put it?!" outside and Rich heard her inside and was all :o OH HELL NO!





PS. I'm presently struggling with the idea that I'm surrounded by people who feel like their rights and beliefs are more important than the rights and beliefs of other human beings.

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