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I'm the Misses... Mrs... whatever.



My life has been pretty weird these past few weeks... almost nothing is as it should be, it seems.


Davey is away for work again and it was like and eternity till I got to talk to him (a week and a half maybe) but when I did, it was perfect! :wub: There's just something about talking to him that makes me feel better, like everything will be okay, and he understands everything i'm feeling without me even having to say it... it's like he knows me or something :P Anyway, he should be home in less than a week so yay for that!


Rich got laid off on Monday night for 'economic reasons'. Translation: his boss is a shady, dishonest person who has zero business sense and is now in some major trouble. Assuming Rich can find another job soonish, this will likely be a blessing in disguise. He lloved the work he was doing, but he hated the owner and the company and the way things ran so... I fixed up his resume and it's looking all snazzy, but if anyone has need for a good graphic artist in Southern California... let me know, yeah?


Jeff is away for 5 days with his boys in tiny pants... but it's weird. He's spending substantially less time talking to me lately in favor of something/someone else, which is cool as long as he's happy, but I miss him. These people are huge parts of my life, you know?


I told my job that I can work more since Rich got laid off, lucky me <_< Yay for adulthood, right? Speaking of, the people I work with should try acting like the adults they are.


OH! So the other night on my break, I wanted to go to Jambe Juice, and this guy I work with, Al, was going on his break at the same time so I offered to drive him to get something to eat since I was going, and so after we stopped at Carl's Jr. for him, we headed over to Jamba Juice. Al had told me on the way that he has a friend, Jake, that works there and that he needs to punch him in the weiner. Of course, I was sorta like :blink: but I think 'boys' and we go. I asked Al why all the weiner punching, and he said that Jake had broken up with his friend, and that was the rules. When we get there though, Jake is there working. We walk in the door and this is how it went down...


Al: (dramatic pause) ... Hello Jake.

Jake: ALBERT!! :D

Al: I'm here to punch you in the weiner.

Jake: *comes around from behind the counter* (To which, I'm thinking, if someone was there to punch you in the weiner, having a counter in between you two would be a useful thing) *Hugs Al* Where have you been?

Al: Working.

*I order, they talk about mutual friends and while Jake is mixing our drinks, I turn around and ask Al who it is Jake broke up with cause he's like got 'gay' written all over him, and Al says his neighbor, and I say no Al, I want a name! And Al says Alyssa, and I say hmmmm.*

Al: I'm here to punch you in the weiner.

Jake: So what time do you get off, Al?

*I'm wondering at what point Jake is either going to acknowledge Al's statements or end up hiding or hurt*

Jake gives us our drinks.

Al: See you later... Jake


So when we get back to the car I'm like "Al! What happened?!" And he says, "I couldn't do it! He threw me off with the hug!" Anyway, the next day when I walked in to work, Al was there and said to me, "The deed has been done, twice."



Ah look who showed up! Seems my angel knows me too! :wub:


Anyway, Tony is coming home this weekend, so yay!





PS. Oh yeah... To those... people who were standing on the corner near my store yesterday with their big, yellow YES on PROP 8 signs and screaming at traffic... Did I miss the part where you get to decide what's right for everyone else? Civil rights, what? Seriously... when I see shit like that, I try to remind myself that each person is allowed to believe and think what they want, but it just makes me sad and disappointed in humanity. Progress already, will you? Besides, we're like a mile from Long Beach... really? LAME!


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*hugs Viv tight* I' so sorry about Rich loosing his job. :( He made really cool stuff. *crosses fingers for him to find an even better one*



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Punching in the weiner? SWEET!!! All my friends are females so i could totally go for punching their boyfriends in the weiners lol. JK JK! Though i did kick a guy who broke up with me their once :)

Sounds like you have interesting co workers.

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