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It's been a while...



I've been neglecting GA really badly. Makes me a little sad, but it's because I'm just so busy all the time with all of this insanity that is collegiate life. Really, though, I have an extremely important announcement to make.



I got my hips pierced. HAHAHAHA, YES! :D Microdermals!!! It's like a tiny plate thingy they slide under the skin after punching a hole with a needle. I want six total, three on each side, but I got these first to see how they'll end up looking and feeling so I know if I like them or not. Basically it just looks like a little disk is glued magically to my skin. :D It's so cuuuuuuuuuuute, I love them! I'll get you guys pictures soon, but I had to tell about this because it was just so awesome and I've been wanting hip surface piercings for so long and now I got microdermals!!!!


Yeah, I'm totally addicted to piercings, but I really love them and I think they're pretty. :D See you guys, gonna take a nap now.


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Well, I've thought about getting my tongue pierced. I'm not sure if I will go through with it or not. Anyway, it's okay that you're busy, Jamie. You have to do well in your classes and have fun whenever possible. :)

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I'm still waiting for the gold chain from your nose to a nipple to your navel to, well, you know where you need to put the last gold ring. Maybe you could get a line of these disk thingies across the top of your pubes. How about shaving your pubes and putting a circle of them around the base of your cock? Yeah, you definitely need a lot more of these.



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