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I may have a new hobby



I like AMVs, an abbreviation that stands for either Anime Music Video or Animated Music Video. Thanks to Youtube, there's thousands of the buggers available at my fingertips, and every so often I go a hunting for them. In college, I had a blast with this, but since I am no longer current on Anime or Video Games, I don't get the references to a lot of them, rendering my enjoyment a bit less.


Until this weekend.


One of the videos I play a lot on Youtube is a Final Fantasy video set to Trapt's "Headstrong." Unfortunetely, due to copyright restrictions on the song, the video file on youtube has no sound. This is what the world of pirated music has done to us. But, hey, I don't mind, usually I just queue up "Headstrong" on iTunes and play it that way. It ain't perfect, but so few things are. Anyways, it occured to me to wonder how much it mattered when I hit the play button, since no matter how "off" the music to the video, it's going to tell some story. Not necessarilly the one the video editor had in mind, but one regardless. This quickly led to wondering what would happen if I played a different song altogether.


So, yeah. 20 minutes later, I've played the video four times to Gloria Estefan's "Conga," Little Big Town's "Boondocks," "California Dreaming" by DJ Sammy and Reba McEntire's "Does He Love You?" For the most part it was quite funny, but there were times when the music for all four songs meshed just perfectly or juxtaposed ironically with the video. Since, I've been playing older videos that I liked and playing different songs across them. "Cruel Summer" by Ace of Base went surprisingly well with a video based on System of a Down's "Chop Suey." I'm still going through them, but it's been interesting so far. I may never hear a video properly again.

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