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It's been a funny old year...

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As quite a lot of TV programmes have already started doing about now, I was thinking back over the last year, and trying to work out whether things were better or worse then, and what I'd been doing.


Being a 'relative' newbie to the site I took a look back 12 months in General Discussion to see what you lot were up to then.... it makes interesting reading!

They caught Sadam.... now you hardly ever hear anything about him, although the struggle still goes on.


Me? I've made some new friends, lost some old it seems. Things never stay the same for ever do they? We all move on in our lives. I'm hoping that things will be better here at GA quite frankly. I'm busy now, trying to get new chapters finished and up on my site. (If Lenny has the time that is, lol) I've been slacking too long - time to get back to the drawing board! The hip is a lot worse and walking is now difficult and painful, so I'm glad I invested in broadband!


So how has your year gone? Any major changes or traumas? :wacko: :blink:

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I moved from the world of student to the world of employment in 2004. That's enough to upheave everything.


2004 was a much better year for me than 2003 or 2002 or 2001. So I'm happy for that at least.


I, too, lost some friends this year. I also gained some. Part of life though.

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2002 was a very bad year for me cause i lost 2 of what i thought was the best friends i could ever have that was till i came out to them i learned that if they was my true friends i would not have lost them. 2004 just about became the worse year because i about lost my mom but now she is geting a lot better how ever i made some new friends and learned there are people in this world that care. 05 i am takeing a trip to denver for about a week or two and i hop eto come back a new man hell i may only come back to pack the back to denver 05 holds so many roads.

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2004 Had it's ups and down for me. I met the absolute greatest guy in the world, Rainbow and went to meet him. I fell in love with him chatting with him online but I swear I fell in love all over again the minute I saw that sexy man. We had a great time but alas, all good things must come to an end and I had to leave him.


I'm busting a gut trying to do everything I can to get back to my man and marry him. I hope with all the minor set-backs that he will still want me. God knows I do and love him even more than I did yesterday.


The greatest thing about this is his family has accepted him being gay and what is greater is they have accepted me as his partner. I love his son and daughter dearly as well as her husband and two sons. Her boys have taken to me as a friend and someone they love.


I hope the end of 2004 and 2005 will be better for both me and Rainbow.


I Love You Rainbow with all my heart. :wub::wub::wub::wub:


Mike S. :sword:

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2004 has been a strange year started off great celebrating the new year and then started to go down hill from there.Having heatlh problems with my back and then my bf losing his nan and nearly losing his older brother to cancer but at least we are happier than ever and just like crackerwriter i have too lost some old friends but gained new ones.


so lets hope 2005 will be better for us all i know i am enjoying my life to the full since the problematic year this year


so come lets raise our glasses and say goodbye to awful 2004 and say hi to the better 2005.



merry christmas and happy new year to all at gayauthors.org from



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Talk about having a funny year, well actually I would called it a diabolical year, first I had to come out to my kids that I was gay. Which was all most the end of me. Fortunately, that came out well in the end.


Then I fell ill, with getting a infection in both of my legs, which ballooned to double there size and in the end I began to get blisters in both my lower legs and they burst so I had big open sores which hurt like f**K. I was like this for months , my Doctor tried various drug with no affect. So I landed in hospital. During the time I was in, there the treatment I had, it bloody hurt. But they manage to heal the wounds .


Then I found out I was going blind. Fortunately, the eye operation corrected it.


Then, having met Mike and got to know him over the months we IM each other then he come over to see me, he had to go back to the States. We got to love each other and now he

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Hey Rainbow, join the club! You're not diabetic as well are you? Sounds as though you had cellulitis or something like that. I know the feeling because I suffer with it too, or at least similar symptoms. Both legs swell up to twice/three times their normal size. I've got a crater in my right calf muscle which looks like it belongs on the moon! (That's actually an ulcer.)

At least I can sympathise and I have an idea of what you're going through with that. I was graced with an arthritic right hip as well, so that's me stitched up good and proper. I'll be joining you in a wheelchair soon! :P

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