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One more stir with the ladle

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A little follow-up on:


Where is Rachel? Why did she leave? Some might suggest she is in a Protected Witness Program. Not likely. Dirk is certainly knowledgeable of the situation. If it were so, he would not be worried about a statue of Limitations. Is she deceased? Again, not likely.



I have been doing some thinking about this portion of my post. Perhaps I have been too hasty in reaching my conclusions. A Witness Protection Program is generally operated by a governmental agency. Its purpose is to save from harm witnesses to offences committed by nefarious individuals.


Is it not possible that Rachel decided she would rather have her tresses restyled a beautician? After all, what turned out to be Arnold’s final hair styling certainly left a lot to be desired. Think about it. After the creator of this final styling completed her work, she gave him a salt-water shampoo. Brrrr!!!! It is very possible, that Rachel did not consider a rolling pin, wielded by a self-proclaimed amateur to be appropriate.


We do know that Rachel had been involved in clandestine activities with Bridget. She may have learned more about Arnold’s and Bridget’s shenanigans. She may have decided to create her own Witness Protection Program, assisted by her husband. So she plays a little game of Musical Boats and sails off into the rising sun. Or, maybe into the selling sun, depending on her chosen course.


I think that Ned may be having an official conversation with Officers Fowler and Grundig, shortly after he commences work on Trevor’s vessel.

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