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Dim Sum Mysteries

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Hi there! Mark Sen, here. So, AnytaSunday suggested to post a topic for my story, Dim Sum Mysteries, here, to get more potential readers. So, here's the link: Dim Sum Mysteries


Dim Sum Mysteries is a romance/mystery/thriller story in a modern, high-school setting, though I try to keep a light-hearted atmosphere throughout the story so it doesn't get too heavy. I think the story is suited for teenagers and older, but I may include certain scenes of violence in future chapters, so you have been warned. Also, there may be sex too later on, if you don't mind reading sexy stuff. If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please post them here.


I've already written up to chapter 14, but I'm still editing and waiting for feedback from my beta-reader before I finish editing. I'll post updates to this thread whenever a new chapter is up. Posted Image

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Yeah, I think it's good to start a thread for this story. There's a lot of great stuff in the first chapters, from quirky and interesting characters, to snappy dialogue with the story moving at a good pace.


You have me curious and hooked to reading more. It seems to me that you're really interested in writing too, so having this thread here will be great to also get some constructive criticism. :)


Um, anyway, when's the next chappy coming out?






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I just finished my exams. Sorry for the long wait. I'm going to be putting up chapter 7 and 8 soon, so hold on a little longer! Should be up either later today or tomorrow.

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In chapter five and six, I could see a development of your 'voice'. The writing, swift transitions, witty lines and description beats and dialogue have strengthened--become tighter. You always remind the reader of the stakes and you do a fantastic job of knowing when to raise them.


I also admire how the relationship is taking it's time, it gives me the time to get to know the characters more, so that when things do happen, it feels more important and meaningful.


Thank you for writing and posting for us! :D

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Okay, so chapter 8 is still in moderation and chapter 9 should be ready pretty soon. I just discovered a major plot hole in chapter 10, so I had to rewrite whole chunks of it, as well as some of chapters 11 and 12. But since I'm on my holidays now, I've got extra time. :D


Also, I'm thinking of starting a graphic novella of Dim Sum Mysteries. I might get started on it once Dim Sum Mysteries gets its 12th chapter on GA. Should be fun. :2thumbs:

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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently as I have before. I'm almost done editing chapter 11 and 12, so please be patient. I'll try to upload both within a short time from each other, so anyone who is even reading this story can enjoy two more chapters. Posted Image

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Aha, another chapter. Oh, but i'm beta-reading it so i already know haha


Too bad you won't be able to update Mark. You'd better be back with like ten new chapters or something as compensation for making me wait. :devil:

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