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Mystery Genre In Depth



Mystery sub-genres of mystery focus on investigating events.  Depending on the sub-genre, this can be solving a crime or murder, finding missing persons, finding missing stuff, or solving a grand historical conspiracy.
Top 10 Most Read  - Light Mystery
  1. Circumnavigation by C James
  2. Box Shaped Heart by Laura S. Fox
  3. The Alpha by WolfM
  4. Paying The Piper by Libby Drew
  5. When Opportunity Knocks by kbois
  6. The Morgan Lore by lilansui
  7. Sidewinder by Headstall
  8. The Brotherhood by The Writer X
  9. The Brotherhood: Awakening Book II by The Writer X
  10. Guarded by Wayne Gray
Top 10 Most Read - Historical Mystery
  1. Here Be Dragons, Charlie Boone! by Geron Kees
  2. Carême in Brighton — a mystery novel by AC Benus
  3. Demon Dream by AC Benus
  4. MARDI - At the Crossroads of Life and Art - A Film Script by AC Benus
Top 10 Most Read - Noir/Hard-Boiled
  1. The Theocracy - The Blackened Cross by ValentineDavis21
  2. Scene: An Abandoned Alleyway Leading to a Doorway by Young Sage
Top 10 Most Read - Cozy Mystery
  1. A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) by Ajbt2001
  2. Murder of a Moral Man by St. George
  3. River City by Bill W
  4. Bellini by Cole Matthews
Top 10 Most Read - Police Procedural
  1. Solitary by RichEisbrouch
  2. River City by Bill W
Top 10 Most Read - Caper
  1. A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) by Ajbt2001
Top 10 Most Read - Detective
  1. Dating Rules And Pretty Fools by Laura S. Fox
  2. The Theocracy - The Blackened Cross by ValentineDavis21
  3. Keeper of the Rituals by Libby Drew
  4. The Kid On The Bike by RichEisbrouch
  5. Fix It by RichEisbrouch
  6. Youngblood by metajinx
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