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Would you date your best friend's ex?

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Easy question. My best friend used to go out with my guy 6 years ago, if there was any resentment now there would be trouble, thankfully I'm spared that hassle. (my B' friend couldn't keep his dick in his jeans and cheated)

Given a choice between the two, I'd go with my man who ironically I've known longer.

His loss is my gain because Aaron is the sweetest and most sexual being I have ever met, and he's mine. :wub:

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I would, but only if everyone was alright with the circumstances, some couples part well and there are no hard feelings, others not so much... i wouldn't want to create tensions so i would only if it were okay.

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If I and my ex were very serious and the split was a bad one, it would sadden me to see him with someone else. But if it was only casual dating and just experimentation at a relationship and it didn't work, I wouldn't mind my friends dating him. I wouldn't go as far as punching the guts of my friends or doing such similar harmful stuff even if I didn't approve a particular relationship, but you never know how other people perceive things and so I would try to remain as far as possible from their exes. I'm a very non-violent person by nature so I'd rather stick to my aloofness, but true attraction can take you to unexpected places. It could happen that you find 'the one' in one of your friends exes. :boy:

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