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The Quesion of the.........


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To tell the truth, I do not know. IMHO, The Goat appears to be inferring there is one. Because


CHJ is doing so, and not trusting him period, I posted this question. This might be the only


mystery which survives the Grand Disclosure schedued for the December 17th Conference Call.

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Dirk got Jim to go out in drag as I recall. I'd say that's pretty gay. While I don't recall CJ describing any great make-out scenes between Dirk and Jim, the clear impression was that they had a gay relationship. As usual, I didn't read any great mystery into it and must confess the level of speculation in CJ's forum is intense!

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Posted Image ............... The goat will infer to one, perhaps after Dirk and Trevor make up and start talking they will come out to each other.


Hi Benji,


We both know The Goat has posted all kinds of hints to lead us to draw the conclusion there is a sexual relationship. But that is all they are, hints. I classify what has appeared as being in one of two categories. Either they are hints or red herrings.


The Goat does nothing without a long term reason.. It was suggested a while back by someone, the reason for the planned divorce was Rachel had learned Dirk was either Gay or Bi. This is a great example of The Goat’s manipulating the readers.


I have my opinion as to why divorce proceedings were initiated by Rachel and Dirk. I believe you also have reached a point in your deductions as to why. Unless I have failed to discover and remember something appearing in the storyline, the reason for the divorce papers being filed in a court is important to solving the events surrounding the Disappearance.


I do not intend to believe there is a sexual relationship between the two of them until, what you posted occurs.


BTW I do not know what the final outcome will be regarding the activities of Basingstoke, Sanchez, Bridget and George concerning the future of Trevor. Any event occurring in the storyline, which eliminates any of the four Bad Guys, better have a death certificate filed to substantiate their death. Said official document will have to be issued by a coroner, after he has preformed an autopsy on the individual’s body. I all to well recall the alleged death of Scar in LTMP.


Well Benji, it won’t be too long before Chapter 93 is posted.



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I don't think there is a sexual relationship between them. I think they've been friends for a number years.


I also believe Dirk will be more excepting of Trev than everyone thinks.


As far as Dirk dressing in drag, it was just an opportunity to get out of the apartment.

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