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Can anyone explain to me why the Chicago Bulls are 42-12


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Seriously, I was surprised, when I started looking at the stats for seeing who may make the playoffs.


I really don't pay attention to teams outside my interest, Boston, New York, LA (Lakers only, hate the clippers), Miami, and San Antonio.


How did they get so many wins? Do they have a new team dynamic? A new player? Anyone here been watching the Bulls games?

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I'm more into the college scene, but I'd say it was due to their scoring more points than the other teams. Seriously though, sometimes when you get a team without the big name players, they play as a team and not for individual glory. That's what initially hindered Miami, since they had all the big named players that were more worried about their own stats instead of team success. Some of the Bulls players may eventually get that recognition, but for now we are seeing the professional game still played as a TEAM sport. LOL

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While I love the Celtics, I grew up with the Bulls and Jordan,


(By the way, I don't like how the media was all over his face with the management versus players bit, Jordan might have been a supporter of the players in 1998-99 season, but it's 13 years later and he's the owner of the Bobcats.)


So glad that they are doing good, watching them now face off against the rockets.


Edit: Darn, why can't I watch them win :( ? It was so good build up until the end.

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