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Always great to see new authors on GA, especially ones I already enjoy reading. I hope you continue to enjoy your experience here.

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Okay, I saw your answer to my review and I still have to quibble on Bastian's name. Are you planning on explaining the name? I just don't get how a culture so widely separated from Earth, if we judge on the lack of database information on them that Devin can find, can have the same name. It's improbable in the extreme. As strange as it sounds, science fiction and/or fantasy should follow certain logic for the reader, and that stretches the bounds of the believable even in a story. Look at cultures that are widely separated just here on Earth. Japan's top 5 boys name in 2010 compared to the US: Japan-Ren, Hiroto, Souta, Yuuma, Sora. US-Aiden, Jacob, Jackson, Ethan and Jayden.


You can easily create names that are 'alien' and yet easy for readers to remember. In my story, The Experiment, my aliens don't all have common names but my lead wasn't hard to remember. His name was Seral. The human's name in the story was Ryker. People were constantly getting Ryker's name wrong, but very few had any problems remember Seral's. 'Alien' doesn't have to mean complicated or exceptionally strange, just different.


Examples of my alien's names:













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I do see your point about the name.


It can actually be explained pretty simply based on his mother's job. There is discussion of family in either chapter 2 or 3. I could maybe explain it there, or perhaps when his mother appears in the story. But that is not until much later.


Thanks for keepIng me on my toes :)

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I love your writing. I have been following you on Lite, Nifty, Twitter and your Blog for a couple of years.  I was one of your only Twitter followers for awhile.  :-)  i like to think you are from MI based on the story lines.  


The best thing about your stories is your way of describing in detail.  The story lines give your characters a presence that the reader can see and feel.  I still laugh a lines from your stories after ready them months prior.  Fav..."The best I ever had."


Good luck with the new site.  When you are published I will definitely buy your books.  Even the books i currently hold hostage on Kindle so they don't get deleted. 


Anyway is Devin MPreg?  

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Having set the very personal "connection" with mutations beginning, I think the story has great promise and I think the chapters so far may be a set-up to explain the intensity of the "pursuit" in the coming chapters. (Just hoping!)

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I have always loved your writing, from Nifty, Lit and so on and I'm excited for this story to continue. My favorite M/M writer delving into the fantasy world of aliens. I think I'm in heaven.


great job.

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I'm glad to see that people are excited for the story. It's one that I had started a long time ago and then put on the back burner for a while. I've been working hard on finishing and editing and fleshing it out over the past few months.

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There is a glitch in the notification system when authors post-date chapters. We can't fix it right now, but for some reason when authors post date a chapter it is notifying followers. Sorry for the confusion, Rob's chapters did indeed post today.

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I wonder if the Degan's penchant for "protectiveness" will affect Devin in regards to his soon-to-be offspring?


and please...more?


ack, I just wanted to add that I really enjoyed your work I found on Nifty as well

* * * * *

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P. s. I have also followed your stories from lit to nifty and now here... And I have read everything you have on lit am waiting for book of timber pack chronicles.... Hint, hint... :)

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I've followed you from Literotica, having read Chapter 1 there. It's wonderful to get a new story from you after a gap. You have always been my favorite Literotica author: you never fail to come up with new and different stories, always compulsive to read. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

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That's so sad!!! I really hope that he gets rescued!!!


Also... Come on Rob we are used to your chapters being longer... We want more!


Oh yeah and thanks... I have been looking forward to finding out what happened next and I can't wait for more!

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Oh goodness...the latest chapter was a-maz-ing. When dev started bleeding through his navel, i actually thought he grew a womb and atarted menses(was that a gross thing to say???...)anyway i'm happy he's not bearing children. Lovely new story rob.


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