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Hi Dolores, I was checking out your new story "Cold Case" https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dolores-esteban/coldcasedo


when I notice an update a few minutes later but it wasn't your "Cold Case" it is: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/alex-sweeney/coldcase  by Alex Sweeney. 


I didn't thing GA system would let there be duplicate titles?  I just wanted to let you know so your readers and Alex's don't get the two mixed up. Both look very interesting :thumbup:

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Hi KC,


I saw this too. The GA system allows for duplicate titles. I was thinking about changing the title of my story, but I finished the story a couple of weeks ago and the title always was Cold Case. It fits the story and so I refrained from changing it.


I think readers won't get confused as they can see the authors' names also.


Thanks for being so kind and letting me know. :)


And good luck to Alex. I sent him a PM on the matter.


Everthing's fine now. Alex and I adjusted our posting schedules.

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