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Prompt #221 - Word List


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Birthday Surprises



Rob placed the birthday cake in the refrigerator at KC's apartment and then pulled his phone out to read the text that KC had sent him earlier.  The message simply said, "Meet me at the Glass Slipper down by the shops running along the riverfront this afternoon at four."  Rob sighed impatiently because he had gone to a lot of trouble to arrange a surprise party for KC's 40th birthday and now he probably had to go sit in a shoe store for at least an hour and watch KC try on not one but at least fifty pair of stilletos.  He could not tell him no since it was his birthday.  He tapped out a text to Cassie telling her what was taking place and ask her to be at the apartment to receive guests when they arrived around six.


Someone knocked on the door just as Rob reached to open it.  It was KC's mom who  came to town for the party to surprise her son.  She was carrying  gifts, and a brown bag containing several bottles of expensive wine.  Taking the packages out her arms Rob told her what was going on and she offered to go with him.  He hugged her and said he would love to have her along thinking maybe KC would not shop as long if his mom was there to hurry him up with his selections.  He envied KC's relationship with his mom.  She loved him regardless of all his quirks and crossdressing, having told Rob many stories about finding KC in her closet as a young man dressing up in her heels ,stockings and teddys. 


Rob drove along the riverfront taking in all of the colorful little shops and was almost to the end of the row of stores when he spotted a huge glass slipper suspended above the last building at the end of the row.  Surprisingly they had to hunt for a parking place since there seemed to be so many customers in the shoe store.  They got out of the car and KC's mom remarked on how odd it was that there was no display windows in the front of the store, instead just a solid pink wall with a white door that had a pink slipper painted on it. 


Reaching around KC's mom to open the door Rob stepped back to allow Ms. Grim to enter first and almost fainted when he heard her curse for the first time to the tune of, "What the fuck is this place and what the fuck is KC doing in that birdcage in nothing but high heels and thongs?"


Stepping into the room Rob realised his assumption of the Glass Slipper being a shoe shop could not have been more wrong.  It was obviously a gay night club seeing there was only men standing with their backs to the bar watching KC dance in the cage, and a table of drunken fisherman clapping and Rob cringed at the catcalls they were directing toward KC, who had yet to notice that Rob and his mom had entered the club.


Ms. Grim pushed her way up to the bar and Rob giggled when he heard her order a double scotch on the rocks and to keep them coming.  He imagined she would need them before the afternoon ended.  Making a spot beside her at the bar he ordered the same and turned back around when he heard her say, "Who would of fucking thought he had that kind of gag reflex?"


Looking up at the cage Rob spit his drink all over himself and Ms. Grim when he saw KC deep throating a banana much to the crowd's delight.  The whole nine inches of banana disappeared down his throat and then came back into view.  He glanced at KC's mom out of the corner of his eye and saw that her mouth was wide open and then she threw her  drink down her throat, turned and grabbed another from the bar that the bartender had already made for her.


After that song ended Rob watched as a couple of guys opened the door of the cage and reached to help a very drunk KC out of the cage and down to the floor.  KC stumbled toward a table that had a tee shirt laying on it along with a pair of shorts and pulled the shirt over his head before trying to drunkenly skip toward the bar grinning from ear to ear.  He spotted Rob and grabbed him into a hug starting to sing happy birthday to himself.  Rob held KC at arms lengh and cocked his head toward Ms. Grim since KC had yet to notice her.


"Mom!", KC exclaimed as he pulled her into a hug.  Then it dawned on him that his mom had just witnessed his little cage cabaret.  Turning to Rob he screamed," What the hell were you thinking bringing my mom to a place like this?"


Before Rob could answer KC's mom said, "We thought it was a shoe store KC, not a nightclub where you were making the next installment of "Deep Throat".  KC hurriedly put his shorts on and angrily stalked out of the club.


Rob hurried after KC, thinking of the people waiting at home and knowing that he was too drunk to drive.  He coaxed KC into the backset of his car after he and Ms. Grim assured KC that his cage performance was very entertaining.  KC preened at this, still too drunk to consider the fact that it was his mom pacifying him with words of praise on how talented he was at deep throating a banana.  Rob stopped and grabbed them all a cup of coffee hoping to sober KC and his mom up a little before getting back to the apartment full of their friends.


They got out of the car at the apartment and Rob watched KC to make sure he was ok to face what awaited him inside.  Satisfied that his friend was good, Rob opened the door and KC walked in to a loud, "Surprise!"


"Betcha never been this surprised have you KC?"  Mark asked excitedly.


Glancing over at his smiling mom KC blushed and answered in a sincere tone of voice, "Betcha I have!"

I should have taken the time to thank KC a long time ago for being such a great inspiration for my prompts. Thank you my friend for being such a good sport :hug:

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Ohhhhh mymymy!!! :lmao: That was....interesting!  You keep telling all of my secrets and I'm gonna have to spill a few of Ms. Joann's ;)


I'm honored to be the inspiration to your creations! :hug:

(secretly I love the attention, LOL)

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