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I read somewhere,

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I read somewhere,

A guy marries someone who is like his mother...

and a Girl marries someone like their father...


but what happens when you are raised by a single parent all your childhood... :o

or by two females or males (actually i could see that one :lol: )

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I've heard the saying, women are doomed to become their mothers and men are doomed to marry theirs. Figuratively speaking. I dunno.


My dad passed away when I was eleven, so I'm in the single parent situation. None of my boyfriends have been much like my dad, or my mum. I am, though. :P

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That belief is based off of Freudian psychology, which is heavily controversial as to the truth and applications of it.


He coined the Oedipal complex which says a teenage boy wants to kill his father and marry his mother. Another psychologist who agreed with freud created the female version of it. 

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Yeah, Freud is pretty iffy. It's almost only in America that he holds any credibility at all anymore. My high school psychology teacher took every opportunity to tell us how outdated and wrong about most things Freud was. :P

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my man is as far away from being either of my parents as it is possible to be, but i am very much like his sister and have LOADS in common with both of his parents.


Does this say more about him or about me?

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