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[Thorn Wilde] Hubris: The Nemesis Short Stories

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This is a collection of short stories about supporting characters and antagonists from my novel Nemesis. It's probably not necessary to read Nemesis to enjoy these, but if you intend to read Nemesis you should probably do so first, as this contains spoilers.


Hubris can be found here.



And the first story has been posted!





Summary: Finding out that the boy he's been secretly in love with for years is together with his best friend whom he thought was straight, leaves Alan Bradford confused and angry, and still unwilling to admit to himself or anyone else that he's gay. However, an evening in the company of Matt Taylor might make him change his mind.


Warning: Contains a fairly graphic sex scene.

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The next story is up! At 8,000 words, it's straying into novellette territory, so hope you like. :P




Summary: A meeting with his first love brings back memories for Matt and makes him realise a few things about himself and his relationship with Alan.


Warning: Sexual content

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This story's been a long time coming. I started writing it months ago, and only now do I feel ready to post it. Without further ado, here's the third story in the Hubris collection:




I'm sure no one expected Craig's backstory to be full of puppies and sunshine, but just in case, WARNING: This story contains rape, suicide and massive amounts of angst! Read at your own risk, in other words. 

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