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Are we ready for Frankenstein?

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They did young frankenstein as a play somewhere in the us

but nothing beats the original



One neuroscientist may soon get the nickname Dr. Frankenstein after making an ambitious claim about a completely novel medical procedure that has many experts’ ‘heads spinning.’
Human head transplants close to becoming reality: Italian scientist  
Sergio Canavero says he has improved on a procedure that has been unsuccessful in animal experiments. Head transplants could be used to treat conditions like muscular dystrophy.
“It is this ‘clean cut’ [which is] the key to spinal cord fusion, in that it allows proximally severed axons to be ‘fused’ with their distal counterparts,” Canevero wrote. “This fusion exploits so-called fusogens/sealants….[which] are able to immediately reconstitute (fuse/repair) cell membranes damaged by mechanical injury, independent of any known endogenous sealing mechanism.”



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"Human head transplants close to becoming reality: Italian scientist "


Um, I think you'll find that's "body transplants" - you really don't want to lose your head :P





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That's FRANKEN-stein!


I doubt total head transplants will work. We don't do so well with reconnecting nerves once they've been cut.


If you figure that one out there are tons of people suffering from paralysis who would benefit.

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