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TV & Film Box set recommendations.

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So last week i bought this piece of EPICNESS! 



And well I've almost watched all 7 series. 

So lovely people i'd love it if you suggested a box set* series that you really enjoy'd.


But I highly recommend Buffy & Supernatural to Everyone each episode is 30 - 45 minutes long and keeps you in thrilling action partnered with detective like situations. 

So any recommendations.

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Box sex series ? Not really watching those :P


But I love Buffy.




I'm not sure how i managed that typo Seriously I know my spelling is bad but Oooo 

I had a spit take just then when i read it XD

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I've got the Buffy and Angel complete box sets and I absolutely love owning them (I've just started watching Buffy again from the start and I'm now on season 5)


A bit of Fry and Laurie is my favourite comedy box set I've got.

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