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James Garner died

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He's one of the few actors I've actually met.  I was in Madison WI with my dad as a youngster.  He had a school he had to attend for his company.  James Garner was staying in the same hotel and actually ate with us one morning.  I was twelve and he seemed so handsome to me.  WE were there a week and he was there three days I know because I saw him eat with others and be just as nice.  Good memories.


Also, I loved his acting.  I saw him in a movie with Sally Field called Murphy's Romance and both of them were do darn cute.  I also loved his role in the notebook.  He'll be remembered fondly by many.

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One of my favorite actors and a true star. We don't have any true movie stars from this generation; just actors. And so few from the last generation are still left. Like Eastwood, Nicholson, and the like. RIP, Jim!

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I remember him fondly. My parents loved the old comedies and he starred opposite of one of Dad's favorites, Doris Day. Remember him from so many movies including the ones mentioned above. Classy actor and man. Don't ever remember anyone having a bad word to say about him. He will be missed.

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