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Prompt #464 - First Line

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"When are they due to arrive?"


"Basalogne is already twenty-four hours overdue."


"Oh shit. A whole day?"


"Yeah, oh shit."


"Senator Hanson, Minister Harding and at least four council member have kids on that ship. If we have lost them, we are well and truly fucked."


"Tell me about it. Gunney Jorgensen's two Genie kids are on that ship too. Not to mention Lt. Col. Paulsen, Captain Franks, five of our Drill Instructors and a navy crew."


"Shit! What could have gone wrong?"


"Basalogne is an old ship. The yard signed off on her but anything could have happened."


"So. What are we doing about it?"


"I sent off a message via StarComm to the Capella Anchorage apprising Fleet Command of the situation and... it's political sensitivity. I have already spoken to Commodore Fleming. He's got three of his destroyers moving to jump out of the system on a reciprocal of Basaligone's flight plan. I'm guessing that Capella will send more ships but what they'll send and how quickly, we just don't know."


"Do you know who Flemming sent?"


"Scott on the Ward, Sanchez on the Summers and Radford on the Cole."


"Sanchez and Radford are OK. Scott probably couldn't find his ass with approach radar and ground support."


"That's all we've got for now. Once Simon on the Yates and Brooks on the Kent are back from patrol, Fleming will probably turn them around and send them out too. That's all there is for the next week."


"If that's all we've got, it's all we've got God help us."

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