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Life Imitating Art? Real Life "i Wish I Could Back Up" Stories

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Our neighbour along the street was one of the first people to move onto the new block of houses when they were first being built, so while we lived in a building site with pet builders for a year, they did for 5 years. Their son Logan is now four, and the builders have been gone about 7 months.


From pretty much the moment he had opinions, Logan would demand to be held up at the window of their third floor bedroom to watch the diggers. As he got older, he stood on a stool his mum placed there entirely for that purpose. He used to come into the site office (back when Dashi was a little puppy and favourite pet of all our builders) and they would ruffle his hair and give him biscuits. He still is, apparently, totally obsessed with building sites and diggers. And like Dashi, instantly feels that anyone in a high-vis jacket is a potential friend (and in Dashi's case, source of food).


Thanks for the post, very very cute.

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