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Champion of the Gods - The Series

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I came to GA about eight years ago. (It's hard to believe it's been that long, but then my daughter is almost six, so yes, it is that long ago.) When I joined I had no writing experience, and as much as I hoped to get published one day, I didn't think it would happen. I enjoyed writing and the readers seemed to enjoy my stories, so it was a good fit. In the back of my mind, however, I still had the goal of being a published fantasy author one day.


One of the least recognized attributed of GA is how nurturing Myr and the others are with new and just starting writers.  They provide us with a platform to test the waters. More, they help build our confidence. Myr not only bought Chosen of Honorus  the first book in the Champion of the Gods series, he also agreed to let me shop it around to publishers. DSP Publication purchased the book and renamed it The Last Grand Master in 2012. Since then they've published three more books in the series. 


As I work on Book five, the last in the series, I look back on where it all began. Fittingly, Chosen of Honorus was the April Classic Author of the Month selection. Publishing is not what I expected. Some of it is better than i anticipated, other parts are not as great as I expected. It is far more of a business than writing and posting on GA ever was, and that work takes a bit of the enjoyment out it. But I regret none of it. Seeing my books published was a dream of mine and with the help I received from the readers and admins at GA, I achieved that goal. 


For those who would like a free copy of The Last Grand Master my publisher allows me to give away eCopies in exchange for readers signing up for my monthly newsletter. You can claim your copy here:



It is available in all formats and as a special thank you, I'll send you another short story. There are a few emails over the first month, but after that, I typically only send out one newsletter a month, never more than two and those are few and far between.


And last, I'll make a special offer to everyone on GA.  I recently wrote a prequel to give away to everyone who purchased book 4 (Child of Night and Day.) It is not available for sale anywhere. But for anyone who leaves a review of The Last Grand Master on Amazon , I'll send you a free prequel, A Mother's Love, as a thank you. Just email at andrew@andrewqgordon.com with a link to the review (or tell you did it) and I'll send you the link to where you can download your free copy. (If you already left a review, email me and I'll send you a copy.)


If you'd like further information about the series, you can check it out on my website:




There are video trailers for each book as well as 'fact sheets' for various aspects of the world, gods and people. 


Book 1: The Last Grand Master


Book 2: The Eye and the Arm


Book 3: Kings of Lore and Legend


Book 4: Child of Night and Day


If there is something you would like to learn more about, email me and I'll try to add some new content to the Series Page to answer your questions. 


Best regards,









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