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Hi, it's been a while since I have been last active here on GA. And I have been magically revived from the dead. Don't ask me how and who summoned me from the Netherworld. But I did have a lot of stories and ideas after chatting endlessly with Hades. Sadly, it didn't really improve my language skills. So to keep things short, I am currently looking for an Editor and a Beta reader who can put up with me.


As of now, I have posted the raw chapters of the current projects I am doing

Gateway: Into the Oblivion. Genre is Fiction and focuses on magic. Offers so much lore and world-building. I was having so much fun, I create my own world while writing this. It is currently a reboot and I have revised everything from the very top. I think this will be a very long project (I am seeing more than a decade, given the right flexibility of time and body) because I also have spin-offs in mind.

Prophets of Tomorrow: Mentally. Genre is Sci-Fi Offers military stuff and many experimental humans. Not sure if you'll find that offensive.


Also, a "dual" fanfic project is underway which will also feature separate stories for Robin (Damian Wayne) and Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent) for the DC Rebirth's Super Sons. I am keeping them separate because their stories will converge every once in a while. It is so because I am planning to insert more DC characters over the course of the project with separate storylines. Possibly, I'd be creating my own super-hero kid.


Here are my current projects:






Just to let you know, my subject and verb....disagreements are very awful. My previous editor gave up on me. So I guess I was a pretty bad boy. I have a very informal writing style. And have a variety of them, depending whose POV the chapter is being written in.


If you are interested, please hit me up on my inbox. But if you want to spank one of my butt cheeks, you may also do so. Just don't forget to ask politely first. No one wants to get spanked without permission.





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