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Flash Fiction Challenge!


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The GA newsletter issued a flash fiction challenge a few weeks ago! The theme was 'forbidden love', and it had to be 1500 words or less! And I love a good challenge, so I made sure to jump right in! Hehehe! The short story, "I Could Tell" can be found at the link below!




And many other writers made contributions as well...but I have to ask for the links because my brain is failing me right now. LOL! I'll post them below as soon as I can!


Leave a comment if you like it! And if not, leave a comment anyway! Hehehe! Take care! And I'll see you guys on Valentine's Day! ::Nods::



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Sorry! Hehehe, my brain is being pulled in a BILLION different directions right now! And that's just online, not including real life. So bear with me for a little bit! I'm working things out as fast as I can. :P


Here is the link to the flash fiction stories! Be sure to stop by and read them all! And leave a comment, or at least hit that like button! Show our creative voices some love! :)  I am currently going through them all, myself, and leaving comments as I go down the list! I will continue later on tonight! Can't wait!



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