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searching for a story / scifi

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Hey Guys/Girls!


I’m searching for a story... and I can’t remember the name nor the author.


It’s a scifi male/male story.


The story in general is about a dad that moves with his son across the galaxy so his son can live on a planet where they try to develop a cure for him and others, because the son can’t have genetic modifications like everyone else and therefore has a shortened lifespan.

On the transport ship he meets another guy (his love interest) and that guy is son of a governer of another planet.


There are lot of other people in the story and it was quite complex but nice to read, and I guess I’m mixing up a lot of stuff. lol

There were also power rangers as toys involved in the story, somehow? And also some sort of revolution on one of the planets? 


If anyone could give me a hint, that would be great!


Cheers Alx

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