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Imagine Questions For 2019


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As many of you guys will remember, at the end of 2017, I posted a series of Q&A themes to gather reader input and support for future issues of Imagine! Now, I still have some more questions left over for upcoming issues, and we've talked openly about flirting, safe sex, coming out of the closet, first kisses, gaydar, and masturbation. We've all got stories, so why not share them? Right?


Well, it's that time again! And I'm going to start posting new questions every Thursday (if possible) for next year's issues! All replies will only be posted under your online screen name, and anonymous posts are also welcome if you feel the information you're giving is private. K?


Today is the first day! So let's get started! :)



Hehehe, there was a time...maybe recently...maybe a long time ago...when we were all introduced to the world of people getting naked and doing naughty things for money! LOL! Yes, porn exists. And I'm going to raise an eyebrow if you tell me you've never looked at 'dirty pictures' or online videos before. Hehehe, I write fiction, but my suspension of belief only goes so far!


SO, this week...tell us...what are your very first memories of seeing any form of pornography? What did you think about it? Did you feel guilty about it? Were you excited by it? Did it totally freak you out? Hehehe! Was it a magazine? Was it online? Was it a video or a DVD? Were you alone? Or was it shown to you by a friend or relative? How old were you at the time?


Whatever your initial experiences with porn were...comment below! I'll add my own experiences as well when I get a chance, and we'll add the answers to Imagine Magazine in the months to come during 2019! Cool?


Can't wait to see what you guys have to say! Porn *IS* a rite of passage, after all! :P


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Well, I didn't find porn until later in the game, when I was about 14 or 15 years old. First, I just looked for pictures of nekkid boys, when I was 12 or 13. Not doing anything naughty, just everyday stuff like swimming, going to the beach, lazing around the house...which led me to some brilliantly made vintage magazines about the nudist lifestyle. A lot of boys in those periodicals (and some of the men) gave me lots of, uhhh, inspiration for my private time. After a couple of years, though, I started getting bored despite the plentiful variety of images. I knew that other, less wholesome things could happen--did happen--between couples or groups, and I wanted something more than the 'zines could give me. The first time I looked at actual pornography, it scared me a bit, but I also got that fluttery feeling in my stomach (and points south) like riding a swing. Then I panicked. It was on a shared family computer, and I didn't know how to clear the browser history. "Oh, wait. I'll just use Google, LOL." Problem solved. "Wait, now that looks even more suspicious! GAAAAAHHH!!" *click click click click click click* "There! A trail of random, innocent book reviews, movies, video games, and YouTube videos of kittens." Of course, then there's the humiliating story of The Nosy Parent Coming Downstairs at 2:00 in the Morning to Catch You with Your Undies on the Floor, but that's for another time. I got a laptop computer when I was 15, and I always made sure to lock my door. That's how I found webcams and amateur videos of people "getting it on" by themselves or with friends. Needless to say, I was hooked. At least until the latest, cutest model of boytoy crossed my path, hehehe!

Since I've been married, though, my husband and I don't use any kind of porn, not even as a "warm-up".

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Let's just say...I was a youngster! :)

Oh man...I might have been, ummmm...seven? Maybe eight years old? Like I said, I was young. Now, my parents had moved us into a decent sized apartment shortly before that. I was used to living in tiny little 'affordable' crackerbox apartments that were just barely big enough for the three of us. But this one was bigger. To me...it was HUGE! And I had my own room and my own space, everything was so big. Hehehe! Anyway, any time that I got to be alone (Both of my parents had to work, and I didn't stay alone for very long, but I had an hour or two every day when I simply had to behave and be by myself. Way it goes) I'd go 'exploring' in this giant, adventurous, apartment of ours.


Cabinets and closets and under the beds...I've always been curious. Well, the first thing I ever found was my father's Playboy magazines. LOL! For our younger Shackers, it was like Imagine Magazine...but for straight guys in the 80's! ::Giggles:: Just read it for the articles. ::Wink::) Seriously, though...I remember seeing women completelynaked and being...kinda confused at first. I distinctly remembering asking myself, "Where's her penis?" How can she pee without a penis? But...I kept looking, and I had this feeling that I'd DEFINITELY get into major trouble if I got caught looking at this stuff...but I kept looking anyway. 


Later on, I found some 'tapes' at the bottom of the box of magazines. Hehehe, now, this was back in the days of 'Betamax'! And I barely knew how to use the machine, but I figured it out, and I watched some of the tapes. Oh boy! I can't say that I was turned on by any of it, but I was SUPER excited to be doing something that I wasn't supposed to be doing! My heart was beating so fast!


I still remember the names of the first two videos I ever watched! "Apartment Girls" and "Taboo II" (Where...some guy was having sex with his sister or something!). They were terrible 70's porn vids, but they will always have a special place in my heart. Because...nostalgia!


I didn't see my first gay porn until I was 17. And that rocked my world, because I was still trying to convince myself that I was some kind of a weird abnormality that had lost his way by not liking girls as much as I liked boys. It was definitely a different time.


Then...came the internet. LOL! And well, that was the endgame. Now porn is everywhere! No more looking behind the local 7-11 to see what magazines they tossed in the dumpster! Hehehe! Yeah...that was a thing, back then. (I did look through a Playgirl magazine once with one of my best friends when we were about ten, but we made sure to keep calling each other 'homos' the whole time while giggling...and STILL looking at every single page of the magazine. I guess that was our version of a disclaimer)


Anyway, that was my first experience with pornography. I don't regret it one bit. It was naughty, but it was fun. Natural, even.


That's why, every time someone tells me, "Comsie, I found your stories when I was only 12!" I totally get it. Hehehe, been there, done that. Believe me. :P


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