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Imagine Magazine #42 Is Up!

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Go ahead and check it out when you get a chance!


New offerings from yours truly, MrM, Lindon Westzer, and VampireMystic! More articles! More music! More stories! And it's all for free! So jump on in, and be sure to let the folks who worked so hard on their stories know how you feel! K? Have fun! And we'll see ya on December 15th with another one!


If any of you guys want an opportunity to be a featured author in 2019, getting your story a new audience that will appreciate all the hard work you put in...let me know! Drop me an email at Comicality@webtv.net and I'll do what I can to save you a spot in a future! K?







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Mickey and I started following a new TV show about the Irwin family. I don't know if you've seen it, but Robert Irwin is adorable, hehehe! He definitely deserves a spot in the next issue.  :*)

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I'm definitely an Irwin fan! :)  And he's been a WDotW on the board a few months back! So I'd definitely consider it. Of course, if any of you guys want to write the article yourselves and submit it with a few pics etc, I'd be happy to format and post it! (Hey, I can't do it ALL myself! ::Giggles::) Either way, i'd love to have him be part of the magazine! Well deserved!


Have you seen his Jimmy Fallon/Kevin Hart talk show appearance! LOL! It's hilarious!!!

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