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Since it looks like my previous topics got archived, here's the new topic with information on various blog opportunities.



Q&A Feature:


I hope to include our community more in future blog posts. With that in mind here are some questions (this post will be updated with each new round):



Round 1: Have you experienced writer's block? If so, what helped you get past it?

Round 2: Do you use an outline? Why or why not?



Round 2: What do you find is the most difficult part about writing poetry?



Round 1: When reading, what is one thing that will make you stop reading a story?

Round 2: What is your favorite trope? What draws you to it?



Round 1: What would be your number one tip that authors should do BEFORE sending their story to their editor?

Round 2: What is your biggest pet peeve when editing? And why does it bug you so much?


Round 1: PM me your answers. In the subject line, please use: writer's block answer, stop reading answer, or tip from editor.

Round 2: PM me your answers. In the subject line, please use: Outline answer, Favorite Trope answer, Poetry Difficulty, or Pet Peeve answer. Deadline: December 5, 2018



Guess the Author Feature


For kind of a fun blog feature, plus another chance for authors to get themselves out there.... I'll be doing a "Guess Who" blog feature. Authors will answer a few interview questions, and the community will try to guess who it is... Then in the weekly wrap up, we'll reveal the author, along with a link to up to two stories on GA that the author would like to promote.  PM me if interested and I'll send you the list of questions.


A sample question might be:


What prompted you to write your first story? (With this question, you wouldn't be able to give the story name)





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