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Prompt 823 - Creative

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Your grandmother always warned you not to make promises you couldn't keep. However, you never thought she was being serious. Until you met the odd neighbor when you moved your new home. He invited you over for a dinner but you made an excuse not to go. After finding an excuse each time he tried to get you over, you figured you would simply placate him. "I promise I'll be at your next event." He smiled and shook your hand. "Make sure you do," was all he said. When it came up, you found every reason not to go, but you suddenly find yourself compelled to go. You spot a letter left on your door that simply reads "Promises must be kept!" What happens and what did your promise make you do?

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    • By Mikiesboy
      Here is a little taste of my next story, The Promise ... i hope you enjoy it.
      The Promise
      The well was no longer used and sat in a copse of large oak trees. To Finn it was a secret and magical place. The canopy was large and thick, and grass no longer grew here. It was quiet but for the leaves moving in the breeze. Shady and cool, Finn liked how slips of sunlight made it through the thick mass of leaves and branches.
      The well itself was capped with a large a wire grate.
      "Too bad I'm not more skinny. Then I could fit down there."
      So far, in his animated and expressive imagination, the well had been a cave, a home for a lost dragon, and this morning, a place where riches beyond measure lay hidden.
      The little boy pulled the University Ring from his pocket. "Ah ha! So this came from the secret treasure cave? Excellent! We must go there and find out what more is hidden. Jackson, bring the car around!"
      As he played Finn leaned over the well, his smooth-soled leather shoes slipped, the ring bobbled in his fingers; he reached for it and missed. His daddy's special and most favourite ring fell into the water below. The subsequent plop was not at all satisfying today. "Oh … no."
      Finn sat on the ground next to the well and cried hot tears. "I am going to be in so much trouble. I wish I didn't take that stupid ring! I wonder if a frog on a string could help me?"
      He sat there and wiped his eyes. It was midday and warm, and after his tears, Finn Green fell asleep with his forehead on his knees.
      Something poked his arm once, and then again, and several more times before he awoke. "What?"
      "I heard you crying."
      Finn looked at the … little boy? "Who are you?"
      "I can help you. I can go down and get your treasure."
      The boy was odd looking. A bit pasty and his features were flattened, making his face seem rounder and smooth. Big, round, golden eyes looked back at him, and Finn noticed the boy, if that's what he was, smelled a bit like freshly caught fish. He wore only a tunic, not proper clothes.
      "I don't have a string to pull you out, and how can you fit through the wire?"
      "I can climb. See." The boy held out hands with long slim fingers. "I can climb up. I'll go get it for you."
      No sooner had he said it than the boy pulled off his tunic, slipped through the wire and climbed down the well. Finn, now on his feet, leaned over to watch.
      Once at the bottom, his new friend slipped into the water and disappeared for several long minutes.
      When he popped up again, Finn realized he'd been holding his breath. "Did you find it?"
      "Yes, I'm coming back up." He easily climbed the inner bricks of the well.
      Finn helped the boy back through the wire. The tiny fellow was dripping wet, as he handed the ring over.
      "Oh, thank you so much. I need to give you a present. Thank you."
      The small boy pulled his tunic back on. "You can't tell anyone about me, because my parents will be angry."
      "Okay, but what can I do to say thank you properly?"
      The little thing smiled. "Just a promise."
      "Promise? Promise for what?"
      "Just a promise, if I need help one day, you'll help me, like I did you."
      Finn nodded and answered simply, "Yes, of course, I promise."
    • By Renee Stevens
      As a child you had promised a creature your friendship and protection if it would fetch the ring you had accidentally dropped down the well. The creature retrieved the ring, you took it and quickly shoved it back into your father’s jewelry box. Now an adult, the creature has unexpectedly showed up demanding you keep your promise. What do you do?
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