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And NOW...the big spill is here! :P


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Hehehe, even though it took me a week longer than I thought it would, I got my focus back! Thank God!

I've developed another nasty cough though for some reason. Ummmm...doubt that it has anything to do with the pandemic, but it's become a national emergency for a lot of people if you cough in public these days. Hahaha! It's like..."GAH!!! Get the fuck away from me!!!" But I totally understand, so it's ok. 

Ok, so, where were we? Let me pick up where I left off. 

Also, I am SUPER excited to finally show you guys the first book of the "PakRatz" series!!! This has been years and YEARS in the works, and tied in to the "Gone From Daylight" mythology, but the surrounding stories had to be elevated to a certain point for it to all connect and make sense the way I wanted it to. And it was a LOT of planning and hard work, but here we are! XD 

Loosely based on the Frank Sinatra, 'Rat Pack' squad, this series takes place alongside "GFD" and :Justin and Taryn, even though it's a story all on its own. And I've been weaving things in through other stories along the way. So, if you just want an added bonus, read "GFD", "Circle Nocturnus", "Dead Language", "Expiration Date", "Divine Right"...and you'll get some extra hints and clues as to what's going on here. (Not that you NEED to! It'll be a story that stands on it's own)

The new "Pak Ratz" trailer will be released on Halloween, along with the first ebook in the Comiclity Ebook section!

So keep yours eyes open! ou won't want to miss this six book extravaganza! :P 






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