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Editor/beta for Bossy Nanny Spinoff


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I've started a spin off of my last story. I'm looking for someone who can edit and beta. I have the general direction I want to go in but there's still a lot to work out. I'd need someone who can help me flesh it out/bounce ideas around. I would think that having read Boss Nanny and having a feel for Jay and Loren would be helpful since the new story is about them. Also, there will be lots of scenes with both kids throughout, so knowing them is pertinent. 

My goal is to get a few chapters started before sending the chapters out for review, that way there's a feel for the direction of the story. But, that may not be the case if I need help navigating said direction lol. 

Also, although the story doesn't focus on Football, one of the MC's is a professional player, so any knowledge of the sport would helpful as I have nil. 

Anyway, comment or DM if you're interested or have questions.

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