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Broken Angel 1-25-2017

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Angel crashed out of the sky
Broke his wings from the fall
In pain he cried I want to die
He beat his head against a wall
As I watched the horrid scene
A surge of love awoke my heart
Kissed his cheek and got him clean
A broken angel was my new start

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29 minutes ago, Parker Owens said:

Now I’m interested in knowing more: how did the crash occur? How broken was this angel? 

Thanks Parker. :glomp: I'm glad it interested you. 

This was another rewrite. I originally wrote this around 2010 I think. I unfortunately lost the original when my laptop died.

Anyhow, in the original, the angel didn't fit the pretty boy mold, and was being chased and beaten by the other angels. He tripped on something and fell from the clouds. When he hit the pavement he was bloody and bruised, being stepped over and overlooked by unconcerned strangers. One stranger felt the angel's pain and fear, so he took him in, and loved him. The next morning the stranger woke to see his love made the angel's inner beauty shone through, giving the angel an outward appearance as golden as his heart. 

I was happy with the emotion and imagery of the first draft, but thought I needed work on the wording and rhyming, so this rewrite was the end result. 

If I can, I'll try seeing if I posted the original somewhere. 

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