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Imagine Magazine Question For 10/12


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Hehehe, remember wet dreams? I guess this question is mostly for the men reading, but if you're female, I'd be really curious to know if you had erotic dreams growing up as well! Because I have no idea if it works in the same way or not. But do you guys remember being a teenager, or maybe even younger, and having those incredibly intense dreams that caused you to 'lose it' before you were able to wake up in time to stop it? Hehehe! I certainly do!

As alluring as the idea of eternal youth may sound...I don't EVER want to go through puberty again! Omigod...not ever! :P

But, for nostalgia's sake (Or for some of my younger readers, current events), do you remember any particular wet dreams that you've had in the past? Who was it about? And what did you do afterward? Was it someone you knew? How do you approach them the next day? Did you have to clean your sheets up in the middle of the night? What do you think triggered that particular dream? Tell us whatever you feel comfortable telling us! Write me a story! I bet it'll end up being really hot! Hehehe!

This time around, we're talking wet dreams! And if any of you ladies have experienced anything similar in your formative years...let us know! I'm SO curious about that!

All comments are welcome! Anonymous ones too! Give us some wet dream fantasies when you can! I'm writing a short story about this, and it's almost done. But it would be cool to hear about some of your fantasies too!

Answer away! And I'll seezya soon!

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The first wet dream that I can recall, was a few days after I went to a Willie Nelson concert with my family. Before the concert, I went to the men's room and stepped up to a urinal to pee. Then this kid steps up to the urinal next to mine. He was about my age, with dark brown, curly hair that looked like Frodo Baggins. He wore a concert tee, black jeans, a vest, and a fedora. I couldn't help it; my curiosity got the better of me!  :P So, yeah, I "peeked" at him for as long as I dared, then finished up and left the restroom. Later, towards the end of the show, I saw the same kid standing up onstage, and I realized that he was part of the Nelson family! Fast forward to several days later, and I was still thinking about what I "saw" on that evening at the concert. I was half-asleep in my bed, except for one particular body part. I seriously thought my "thing" was broken, or was going to break, because of how hard I'd been the whole day! I didn't "jerk it", because I didn't know about that yet. I rolled over on my belly and kinda "rubbed" against the mattress for a bit, and then zonked out. I don't know how long I was asleep. Fifteen minutes? Twenty? I felt something wet in my undies, so I rolled on my back, pulled down my briefs, and felt something sticky on my privates. I panicked a little, not knowing what happened, but then I remembered "The Talk" we'd gotten at school. I went to the bathroom, wiped myself clean with some toilet paper, and flushed it. Then I put on some clean undies and went back to bed. This happened a couple more times, and then the "evidence" started piling up underneath my bed. Mom asked where my underwear went, and I told her she must have mixed it up with someone else's laundry. I think Mom suspected what happened, but she respected my privacy. I learned how to run the washer and dryer on my own after that. So, there it is: the story of how I had my first "dream".

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MANY! I had many, many, many, wet dreams growing up! Hahaha! If I could list and describe them all, they'd probably be just as big as the story list on the Shack! The weird thing that I remember most about them, though...was that there wasn't a whole lot of actual 'sex' involved. Maybe a little here and there, but I think I was mostly aroused by the ideas of seeing certain boys naked, or kissing and making out, and I had plenty of dreams where we were both looking for a secret place to have sex...but by the time we found one in the dream, I was so worked up that I'd end up having an orgasm and waking myself up almost right away. Arrrghhh! now THAT was frustrating!

Did I enjoy them? Ummmm...I remember really frustrated when I first woke up, and it was too late to do much more than roll over and try to put my hand over the tip to keep from making an even bigger mess than I already was. And I had to hide a lot of bed sheets until I could come home from school and try to wash them on my own before my mom came home from work. But the dreams themselves? YES! Unrestricted subliminal fantasies of a horny preteen boy? You're damn RIGHT, I enjoyed them! Hehehe!

I was really boy crazy by the time I got to be about 12 or 13...so I'm sure I had naughty dreams about ninety percent of my middle school yearbook. And I found that those feelings kind of lingered a bit for the next day or two when I'd see them at school. But I was a shy guy, so a couple of peeks from across the room was all I could really do about it. Then I had my first time dry humping with another boy at 13, and that was the first time that I actually experienced my first orgasm. And once that happened, it was like a Pandora's box had been opened that could never be closed again. The wet dreams began...and pretty much lasted all the way through high school. But I had learned to control waking up before anything happened. MUCH better that way!

I can't say that I miss them, nor do I wish I could have more. Hehehe! But when I was constantly horny and forced to spend every weekday with some of the cutest boys on the planet...just dealing with all of that pent up sexual tension...yeah, I think they were fun. It's a rite of passage, you know? Besides...as you can see...I have a very vivid imagination. LOL! I wish I could have recorded them all somehow! I'd post them on the Shack and retire! :P

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