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Seeking Editor/Beta for Sequel to "True As it Can Be"


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Plot: This is a sequel to "True as it Can Be", following Christopher Oliver Potter, aka Chip, a 13 year old orphan queer/gay boy, who has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum. As I noted before my surgery, I am partially basing this story on Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" for characters inspirations. In terms of the plot, I am drawing on Charles Dickens other classic "Tale of Two Cities", the two cities in question being Boston and New York (Oh my :o ). Old characters and villains will return, along with new faces and a more complex relationship dynamic.

Genre: It will have adventure-drama and found family, along with romance.

Themes: Modern 21st century- Isolation, recovery from trauma, recognizing self-identity and self-worth, love in various forms, and above all else hope.

Chapter Length: 3-5K words, like my prior novel. I might go over 70K mark.

There's a slight chance, I might have to break it into 2 books, if that happens expect 150K+ in words.

Publication schedule: 2 Chapters per week on a standard schedule Wednesday and Sunday. I want to be at least 4 chapters ahead of before publication, granting us a 2 week window to make corrections or adjustments. We might need to go up to 6 chapters if there's planned vacation, but I think too much much preparation may make the story too inflexible for change.

If you are interested in being an editor or beta reader, feel free to message me or reply to this message


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