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Seeking Editors/Beta-readers...

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Wasn't sure where to post this, but this seemed like the best place. I have been seeking collaborators for my writing for a while, and having an official editor and beta reader would help me, if nothing else, increase my author standing on this site.

I edit and beta my own work, but I am aware that can cause you to miss things, and in any case, having a second set of eyes is always helpful, even if they don't actually catch anything outside of a few typos.

So yeah! If you want a writing prompt, I have a 17 chapter story you can delve into (though it is not a typical example of my writing style, as I wrote it in a specific way due to what it is). I can provide some writing other writing samples as well, by request.

So, hope to get some responses here so I can discuss this further.

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