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We All Need More of This

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Sadly modern reality is that true conversation (that’s physical and face to face) is an increasingly rare communication mode. It got ridiculous in a previous work role when colleagues, sitting just feet apart, were sending each other emails instead of putting down that pie/pizza/doughnut and walking the yard or so to have an actual conversation :P

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I would like to think we're all guilty of all of her points. So that I am not alone in thinking... "damn I'm guilty as fffff.." :P 

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-- I'm also a bit tired, so I'll make the attempt at a less knee-jerk cheeky response later. I really felt a lot of those points and how impactful they could be for the people around us and in our personal bubbles. 

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An awesome speech and so true.  I try to listen to others, but find myself caught in the many traps Celeste describes.  No @Krista, you are not alone.  I think the sad reality is that all humans are guilty as 'fff..' to greater or lessor extent.  Celeste is right that only one small change will result in better conversations.  For me that means working on being present and not multitasking.  Wish me luck, please. 

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