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Of course you knew I'd play with AI

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I wanted to study AI applications in gradual skool, but alas, life never let me get around to it. Back in the late eighties, I developed an expert system for creating and properly formatting documents for a federal agency.

I've been playing with Google Bard and Open AI.

You have seen people create art and even have it write reports and short fiction.

Over the last couple of months, I've had it give me a hand with projects I'm either not familiar with or am very rusty at, since I haven't done some of them in decades. (I'm much more familiar with Bard than I am with OpenAI.) Here are a few chores I did with AI assistance:

  • Buy a used Toyota Tacoma
  • Plan a funeral
  • Execute the provisions of a will.
  • Analyze the behavior of a troublesome cat.
  • Help streamline my workout routines.

For each of these tasks, Bard or OpenAI created an outline that included must-do items, advice, and even a list of local companies that could be helpful. For instance, when I bought my truck, none of the local dealers had anything I wanted on the lot. Bard suggested CarMax or AutoTrader because they were connected to a national network and could find what I wanted. It took a few weeks, but a 2019 Tacoma from Georgia was put on the market and I nabbed it.

Being responsible for planning a funeral was WAY outside my experience. Once again, Bard created an outline I could work through and was able to complete the task successfully.

For all of these listed tasks, I was able to get support and good advice.

My conclusion is that AI is an excellent support tool for tasks you might not be familiar with or are outside your comfort zone.

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On 10/6/2023 at 3:30 PM, Zombie said:

I’m guessing most people want to know more about the “troublesome cat” :lol: :gikkle:

The troublesome cat actually ended up having a medical issue and is much better now. The AI diagnosed him, I took him to the vet who confirmed the problem and treated him.

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James have you used AI for other things yet :) Noticed it wasn't on your list, so I'm not sure if you discovered the other function of AI tools. Choose your adventure text based stories can be created with ChatGPT and other AI systems. I can spend hours just crafting Star Trek/Star Wars/Other fanfic adventure scenarios with infinite combinations. It's incredibly addictive for those of us who grew up on interactive text-based adventure games (Final Fantasy and Zelda players unite).

ChatGPT of course has a built-in morality filter now, so any sensitive content, including explicit sex scenes opposite sex or same sex, is prohibited, including all the prompts and commands that people used to use. Erotica and romance things are relegated to story sites. There's other AI engines that do allow that stuff, but they're writing ability is equivalent to nifty.org circa 2003. Fun, but the terse short sentences and repetitive language means that someone can easily tell if it's AI-generated or human. Mark my words, long paragraphs and run-on sentences will be useful identifiers of human writing in the future, it is our imperfections that make stories more real.


I use AI for writing research and text based stories that I create for fun and pseudo-gaming, I have phasers and photon torpedoes blowing up star destroyers, while Darth Vader Force chokes Kirk, despite the morality limits (Violence isn't immoral as long as it's using imaginary means)

It's how I rejuvenated my interest in writing, the constant need to create text based scenario is stimulating.

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I don't plan on using AI for writing. My fondest wish would be to have the bandwidth to get all the stories out of my own head and on paper (or disk files). I don't need it, and it would feel like cheating.

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11 minutes ago, JamesSavik said:

I don't plan on using AI for writing. My fondest wish would be to have the bandwidth to get all the stories out of my own head and on paper (or disk files). I don't need it, and it would feel like cheating.

I don't have it write for me, ChatGPT is fun for research like if I needed to know historical facts or research an etymology.

When I use the AI assistants with writing, it more like text-based gaming, you just need to preset the parameters with a story, then have different places where you use the chat to act as fork in the road.

Like I can command ChatGPT: Write a story Doctor's Who Tardis is captured by the Empire from the Star Wars Universe and they enter the Prime Star Trek Universe around 2275. (Main characters) face off in a fleet battle. I tried my hand at copying ChatGPT a few months ago, but it's incredibly hard to cross several universes together for fun.

Additionally, I've tried to redo famous battle sequences with text-based commands, i.e. Battle of Yavin or Wolf-359, then I have ChatGPT adjust the formation of ships or weapons to shoot down certain ships at specific points in the battles as they occur canonically. (I am a nerd, so it goes with the territory)

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