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[Vlista] Unbreakable Faith: Chapter 10

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I agree with Ian; if there's any justice Kevin will get his. Preferably sooner than later.


And, uh, anyone know where I can get a man like Jeff? ^.^


Honestly, though, Jeff has become one of my favorite characters. He's just so dang sweet.

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I agree with everyone else so far that Kevin is a problem that needs to be dealt with. I think the Harvey's will be the ones to do it as they seem to recognize that he's causing problems in the house, not just with Ian, but with the others too.


I know I've said this before but following Ian's discovery of the outside world is fascinating!


I think Ian's spending his Sunday afternoon's with the Delmar family will help strengthen his bond with Matt and really give him alot to think about how a Minister can be the father of a happy and healthy family.


I could just imagine Kyle's heart melting a bit when he found out Ian wanted to get a job so he could buy a gift for the guy who helped rescue him and Tony from the house of horrors. It's good to see Tony is doing so well in his placement.


It'll be interesting to see how the class interview on Ian comes out and the reaction of the other students and the teachers to it.



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HMM... i am thinking that something is going to develope with the chruch people family. Something good.


Kurt :D



I like the way you think Kurt. Maybe a new family? :2thumbs: Kevin is the biggest @$$hole in the world. he knows what happened to poor Ian yet he continues to be a prick. I say the Harvey's have him reassigned. :devil:

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Grr...good writing, curse you!


I love Ian, Nathan, Jeff, Tony is so cute. Matt seems nice and the Harveys are pretty damned cool.


I wanna drop kick Kevin. Seriously, Ian should like learn the art of kung fu and "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" his ass or something. Stupid punk.


Why isnt friday here yet? I want Chap. 11!

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I'm glad to see that things are going fairly well for Ian, the problems with Kevin notwithstanding.


The system of respite, in which the child gets to try out potential parents and the parents get to try out the child seems like a good principle. Ian will be able to tell if he is going to be abused. It's too bad such an institution wasn't in place for Tyler in one of Vance's earlier stories. (Tyler kept getting bad placements that never seemed to work out.)


The Delmars seem like a good family, and their joshing discipline with their son Matt (who might have to run a bit after the bus if he's tardy) makes for amusing reading. I'm looking forward to the discussion with theological implications on the coming day (Sunday) in story-time.



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Oh, nice chapter, Vance.


I'm very curious how you will explain to Ian an answer of Raymonds question. You know "If god saved you, he put you in this shit also"...


I think, there are many options for Ian at the moment for adoption:

1. The Harveys (I know, they are a home-runner)

2. The Delmars (This could be very interesting)

3. Nathans parents (but then the lovebirds will be brothers?!?!?!?)


What can we do?

The same like Robinson Crusoe: Wait for Friday...

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I agree with Ian; if there's any justice Kevin will get his. Preferably sooner than later.


I'm sure there's a story behind Kevin, too, and knowing Vince, we'll find out soon enough.


HMM... i am thinking that something is going to develope with the chruch people family. Something good.


I thought about this and was going to post it, but real life got in the way. In any case, yes, I think there's a good chance the Delmars will want to foster Ian and it will be very interesting to see the contrast between his adoptive parents and another church family. I wonder how they'll react if/when they find out he's gay?

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