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Brand new episodes of "Superstars"!

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:( all my favorites except lion are losing :( . Great Chapters again. Looking forward to both the Lion/Cody and Oliver/Michel relationships. First couple chapters had a bit too much diva action for my taste (perhaps thats just because im biased :lol: ) Looking forward to the future chapters.


Also just a suggestion, but you could add small character profiles on the characters page (height/weight/hometown/hobbies/ect.) just to give readers allitle background information on the characters.


Ugh, Next Sunday is a whole 7 days away! ::addicted::




ps- Yes i know my spelling, grammer, and sentence structure sucks. Thats why yall are the writers and im just here to :read: it all and :worship: you. :)

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Oh, you can't imagine how happy I am to read your comments. Hehe. Thank you soooooo much. Well, concerning your suggestion about the characters' bio, I will try to work something out. I thought that maybe you'd like to learn more about them as you read the story. Lol. But I will try to give some little info on the character page. Thanks for the suggestion. And never hesitate to give suggestions, might make the story even better! Hehe! Thanks again, guys. I really appreciate it! Thanks! :worship:




Take care! :2hands:

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eeeek, what was i thinking when i wrote that. Definantly dont reveal hobbies or anything else you have planned/think you will have later in the story ( ex: Oliver likes Skateboarding). Was mainly thinking along the lines of physical attributes/build. Having pictures of the faces is helpful because that gives eye/hair color. However when you introduce your characters in the episodes nothing is mentioned about height/wieght. In this case, i feel these characterists are important. It would make a win more impressive if say a smaller character beats a larger/stronger character. In this case, when in doubt, dont add it to the character page is probably better :)


On another note, did you modify the first episode since you posted it? I seem to remember it starting with Cody on the plane coming over, but it started with him being late to practice when i looked (went back to double check to see if i missed height/weight). Of course i could just be mistaken, once i get addicted to a story i tend to replay it many times over in my head and sometimes imagine things that arn't there :blink:


Thanks for taking the time to read/respond to the suggestions :2thumbs: . Keep up the great work! Only 6 days left till sunday! :music:

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Hehe! Yeh, I realized the height and weight thingy. Don't worry, I'll fix that up in the coming chapters. And concerning the scene with Cody on the plane, it's actually just a scene I made for the "premiere" of "Superstars". I did that at the last minute, thinking it'd be an original way of promoting the story. I'm glad that you remembered that. Hehe. Thanks again for your comments and support. It makes me go higher and higher and make better and better chapters. I hope, at least! LOL! Thanks a lot! :worship:




Take care! :2hands:

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Hi Cloud, :boy:

Maybe if they had a favorite finishing hold or manuever you could list that also. Their hobbies like Oliver's skateboarding or Lion's love for comic books should come out in the story.


Hurry up Sunday and get here. I can't wait. :worship: I give this a definate :2thumbs:


Take care, :)

Mike :sword:

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