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  1. Happy birthday! I misses you too *Pouty face*


  3. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year.

  4. Happy Birthday Anton!

  5. abbillion


    Alec de Lambert falls for his bodyguard. Can a prince and a modern day "stableboy" find love?
  6. abbillion

    Chapter 3

    EDWARD: For fucks sakes! This was getting ridiculous. Alec was acting like a total hussy! I didn’t mind when it was with me- God knows I didn’t mind- but with this douche bag Johnny it was revolting. Alec was helping him with his Math homework. Such a cliché right? The Jock asking the prettiest boy in school to help with his homework and them, falling in love while the bodyguard wants to beat the fucking jock up!!! Alec was giggling at something Johnny said to him and he had this faint blus
  7. abbillion

    Chapter 2

    ALEC: Hearing a knock at the door I walked over and opened it. “Hi.” Edward said as he stood there casually looking all fine and sexy. “Hey.” I said sullenly and walked back to my piano. My room was like one of those suits at the most expensive hotels in the world-- very elegant, but nothing personal except for three pictures on my grand piano. One of my grandmother and grandfather, one of my father and mother and one picture of my big sister who died with my parents on the yacht. Appar
  8. abbillion

    Chapter 1

    ALEC: “You! How- how dare you! Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!!” Every word was perfectly spoken- even under the threat of kidnapping- as a member of the aristocracy it was implied. Even more so by a PRINCE! The black Rolls Royce sped away and I didn’t recognize my driver, Pearson, but saw a rather attractive blonde guy with light green eyes. He didn’t look that old. He was well built and hot-yes I noticed- but could not be more than nineteen years old. “I apologize for ha
  9. Just got back from a cruise baby!

    1. Cia


      Sounds relaxing. Hugs! Now start talking to me again. Missed ya Anton!

    2. Nephylim


      Cool. Next time can you pack me in a suitcase and take me with you. I could so do with a holiday

  10. Wishing you a new year full of pretty things and happy Rainbows!!

    Love, Momma Rush

  11. That sounds like it needs a pm convo dear. I'd like to talk to you about it, just not publicly. Send me a message when you're ready.

  12. You're not kidding! I hope all is well! I missed you too, it's been forever. I'd like to see you around more, so I hope you'll start coming back to the site, lots of changes, eh?

  13. SORRY! Been away for a really long time. Missed you.

  14. Where are you???

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