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    Alec de Lambert falls for his bodyguard. Can a prince and a modern day "stableboy" find love?
  6. abbillion

    Chapter 2

    ALEC: Hearing a knock at the door I walked over and opened it. “Hi.” Edward said as he stood there casually looking all fine and sexy. “Hey.” I said sullenly and walked back to my piano. My room was like one of those suits at the most expensive hotels in the world-- very elegant, but nothing personal except for three pictures on my grand piano. One of my grandmother and grandfather, one of my father and mother and one picture of my big sister who died with my parents on the yacht. Apparently I had thrown a tantrum and had to stay with my Grandmother as punishment, which was how I had survived. “Alec, I’m so sorry for hurting your friend.” Edward said suddenly behind me. I was absently playing a melody. I didn’t feel like saying something. “Please don’t be like this. I apologized for my behavior.” He said sitting down beside me. “It’s not that he is my friend so much as that you are always so arrogant and sure of yourself. I mean people don’t mess with you. I think I was just jealous.” I said softly looking at him from the corner of my eye. “Are you kidding? You are always making your bitchy one liners or ignoring people. Why would you be jealous?” He asked. “Because people think that that’s who I am. Do you really think I’m that shallow?!” I yelled standing up and walking to the middle of the room. “I have to be this way. This is what people expect from me. They don’t care that half of my monthly allowance goes to a homeless shelter that I donate food to every month. They don’t know that I stop to help an old lady cross the street. People believe what they want. It is exactly the same way with you. You thought that I was this snotty little brat the moment we met.” “You help the homeless?” He asked also standing up to join me in the middle of the room. “Yes, I REALLY do. You can even come with me tomorrow if you want to.” I said looking up at him. “Fuck. You really are beautiful!” Edward said suddenly looking at me with lust. “You know that, right?” Blushing I looked down and mumbled something incoherent and he just laughed and put a finger under my chin and gently forced me to look at him. I couldn’t look away from his face even if I wanted to. His light green eyes captivated me with an intense longing that I never knew I could have. “Alec, I know we don’t always get along, but you are very important to me. You need to know that I am always, ALWAYS, here for even if we had the biggest fight in the world.” He was looking at me real protective like and I have to admit that I really liked it. “Thanks.” I said as I looked down at the ground. “Anytime.” He said. Giving me a friendly pat on the back he started to walk out the room when I suddenly felt this urge to know what it is like to kiss someone. “Edward?” I asked softly. He turned around and came back towards me. “Yeah?” He asked looking down at me, but I wouldn’t meet his gaze. “Never mind.” I said softly. “Hey come on. Tell me.” He said looking at me with understanding. I blushed crimson and stuttered out: “W-will you, uhm, I was hoping that, uhm, I want to know, w-what it, uhm, feels like to you know kiss.” I was so embarrassed that I wasn’t even looking at him, but at my shoe. I felt a gentle hand bringing up my head to look at him. “Look at me Alec.” He said as my eyes darted everywhere but to him. “Come on. If you want to be kissed it isn’t that big of a deal to ask me. I am hopefully quite good. Come on. Ask me to kiss you while looking into my eyes.” He said more forcefully. Looking into his eyes I quickly rumbled out the words: “Kiss me?” And I held his gaze. His hand gently rubbed my arm the other held my neck and I saw him coming closer his eyes leaving mine to explore my face. My eyes closed. EDWARD: Just as his eyes closed I looked at his mouth and saw him quickly moisten his red sensual lips with the tip of his tongue. That was all it took to make me pop a hard on then and there. I was barely even touching him, but dear heavens he was having the most sensational effect on me. I was seeing that pale skin color with the longest lashes known to mankind, I mean this boy could make all of the actresses in the world kill for those lashes and the cheekbones. Perfection. He was every inch the aristocratic beauty. He had this tiny little mole just below his left eye that made him all the more special. I have had lots of sex and kisses, but I’ll be damned if I want this kid, this spoilt, pampered and -on the surface- cold being. I wanted all of him. I was falling in love with a sixteen year old prince so far out of my league that it wasn’t even funny. At nineteen I had never really been in love. Control yourself Edward, he is a virgin and he needs to be handled gently. His lips tasted of cherry lip ice. ALEC: And then I felt it. His lips were the right amount of moist and gentle, but firm. Is that even possible, but that was how it felt. It was a simple kiss, but it felt perfect. Pulling away he softly said: “Well I think that is pretty much it.” I grabbed him and said: “No, you owe me a little bit more than that.” And I gently slipped my tongue to rub his lips. It felt natural to do it. Me the virgin who wasn’t even worth a second look from a guy like Edward, the JOCK! His lips opened and our tongues crept towards each other, fighting to get into the other mouth. It was wonderful. It must have lasted quite a while, because when we pulled apart, I was so breathless that I was seeing stars. Then I started to giggle. Looking at me with a grin on his face, Edward said: “If you are finding this funny I definitely did not do a good job.” “No! It is just that I am literally seeing stars!” Giggles. “I always said my first time should be like that, but I didn’t think I would seriously see stars!” He was smiling down at me and tried to let me go, but I held on or I would surely have fainted. After a few more minutes I let him go, stepped away and said: “Thank you, for the greatest kiss of my life.” ***** EDWARD: The following morning as I sat next to the Dowager Princess at the table, I saw Alex coming in. He looked so hot. His almost shoulder length black hair was pulled into a short ponytail with a red rubber band. He was wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a red Levi pullover and a pair of 501’s that hugged his skinny frame nicely. I wished that he would turn around so that I could see his ass. “Morning, Alexander.” The Dowager said looking up at him from the head of the table. “Morning, Grandmama.” He said as he brushed a kiss to her forehead. Looking at me he blushed and said: “Hi.” in that low husky very correct voice. Being the flirt that I am I winked and said: “Morning. Sleep well?” “Fine thank you. How about yourself?” He asked politely. I tried to look sad as I said: “Not that great. I was dreaming of these luchious red cherries that tasted so good and how I craved to taste them again. It was weird.” I said drinking more tea just like the Princess. He was drinking coffee. COUGH-COUGH! “Are you ok?” asked the Dowager when Alec started to choke on his coffee. “Yes.” He said as he took a croissant to butter it. ***** ALEC: That son of a bitch! I thought to myself as I saw him practically telling my grandmother about the kiss. Why was he staring at me like that? It was difficult enough trying to concentrate on what my grandmother was saying without him looking at me with those light green eyes that would tempt an angel to sin! Tucking my shoe off of my foot I gently made my way towards Edward. “So Edward what is your plan for my security?” I asked with the sweetest most innocent smile. “Well, at school…” and he was off explaining his strategies while I made my foot to his leg. Gently nudging his shoe I continued to butter my croissant as I felt his eyes on me. He was somewhat startled, but recovered nicely and continued with his explanation. Then I made my way up his leg gently running it up and down. Meeting his gaze I cocked my left eyebrow, pursed my lips and gave him a tight- “how do you like that?”- smile. As I moved my foot into his crotch I felt his hardness. His maleness. I could not believe that I was behaving like this. I saw him lower his hand as he tried to remove my foot, but I pressed my foot quit hardly at his erection and he gasped removing his hand. I removed the pressure. “Are you alright?” Asked my grandmother. “Yes, Your Highness.” He said, his voice pitching just a fraction too high. Feeling an evil streak, I asked Edward: “Edward could you please pass me two peaches? They look so delicious. I just want to suck al the juice out of them. I’d spend my all day with them.” Licking my lips and lightly pressing my foot into his crotch I said: “Yum.” ***** EDWARD: “You sleazy skank!” I said to Alec as I found him waiting for one of his car to be brought around. “What?” He asked looking all sweet and innocent. “You almost made me cum in my pants while licking those peaches! IN FRONT of your dear GRANDMOTHER!” I practically yelled at him. “Sorry, but you told her about my lips! You think I didn’t know you were talking about my cherry flavored lip ice?” He shot back while glaring at me. “You wanna kiss again?” I asked getting closer to him. “Yes. NO!!” I said looking flustered. “Maybe late when we are home.” And then his car was brought around. A Mercedes Benz S65 AMG- black on black with dark tinted windows. The car was bullet proof too. He drove like an escaped convict! I was saying Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s all the way to school. As we parked I saw Johnny waiting for us. Great and he had a slightly blue eye. Alec was at his side in seconds helping him with everything. I mean if I wasn’t so nauseated- NOT JEALOUS- by the cute little boy helping and fawning over the jock I would have MAYBE apologized to Johnny.
  7. abbillion

    Chapter 3

    EDWARD: For fucks sakes! This was getting ridiculous. Alec was acting like a total hussy! I didn’t mind when it was with me- God knows I didn’t mind- but with this douche bag Johnny it was revolting. Alec was helping him with his Math homework. Such a cliché right? The Jock asking the prettiest boy in school to help with his homework and them, falling in love while the bodyguard wants to beat the fucking jock up!!! Alec was giggling at something Johnny said to him and he had this faint blush on his cheeks that made him look so adorable! OK, so I admit that I have been ignoring him and only flirting with him when I was horny as fuck, but I was supposed to protect him. Now he was probably over me and looking to score with DJ- Dumb Jock. “Yes! Well done!” Alec shouted and patted Johnny on the arm. Taking advantage of the situation Johnny grabbed Alec’s hand and kissed it. “Take it easy DJ.” I said standing closer to the dining room table. “My name is Johnny.” He said through gritted teeth. “It’s a term of endearment,” I said with a cocky smile that I knew would bother him. “For what?” Alec asked with a slight frown between his brows-- soooo cute! “Dumb Jock,” I said as Johnny jumped up and came towards me saying, “Be careful bodyguard. The only reason I am being pleasant is because Alec asked me to.” “Really? I thought it was because you didn’t want your ass kicked again.” Cue smug smile! ***** ALEC: “OK, guys. Let’s break it up and dial it down- k?” I said as I walked towards them ,the tension in the room palpable. Johnny turned to me and said: “Fine, but he better stop with the name calling.” Looking at me he said, “So Alec, I was wondering whether you wanted to go to a movie with me tonight?” Awkward, to say the least. Shooting a glance at Edward, I saw that he looked so nonchalant and that really bugged me!! After that morning he wouldn’t even kiss me anymore and, only on the rare occasion ,did he even bother to flirt with me. “Johnny, I’d LOVE to,” I said with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm. “Should I change or can we go like this?” I asked looking at myself. “You look sooo hot! I really think that I'm the one that needs to change. I’ll go home quickly and be back to pick you up. OK?” He asked smiling like an excited kid. “Alright, Johnny. I’ll see you soon.” I smiled back and walked with him to the door. “Man-whore,” I heard someone whisper. Gasping indignantly, I turned to Edward and said, “Why would you say that?” I was really hurt and couldn’t believe he said that. “Uh, let me think?” he said holding his hand to his chin. “Well you kissed me and now you are dating DJ? Guess what that makes you?” “Edward! That's a terrible thing to say. You know I really liked the kiss, but every time I want to talk to you, you blow me off. I don’t know what you want.” “Well how the hell am I supposed to know what YOU want?!” he shouted passionately. “What I want? I made it perfectly clear that I was interested in you! God, we practically fornicated at the dining room table, IN FRONT of my grandmother no less. Tell me what more you wanted. Every time after that when I tried to talk to you or touch you, you pulled away. What was I supposed to think?” “Alec-” Edward started saying something. “No! Just leave me alone.” I said and hurried up the stairs to my bedroom. Walking up and down, I wondered if I had been acting like a man whore. I just helped Johnny and,OK, yes I told him I’d go to the movies with him, because I wanted to make Edward jealous, but he didn’t even look that interested. 'Stop it Alec!' I said to myself as I looked into the mirror. 'People don’t care about you. You KNOW the only way to survive is to be cold.' Wandering over to the closet, I walked inside and chose something for the movies, something that would say 'JUST FRIENDS.' I settled upon a pair of cream CK jeans and brown leather loafers with a white button down shirt and a brown, cream and white Armani pullover. I left my hair as it was and sprayed on some cologne and walked downstairs. Just then the doorbell rang. “Hi Johnny.” I said smiling. It was obvious that he was dressed to impress with his Polo shirt and Levi jeans. He looked hot and his short blond hair was done up in the latest spiky fashion. “You look hot Alec,” he said checking me out. “Thanks, but YOU look amazing.” I smiled and looked down to the floor. “So, what do you wanna see?” he asked as he led me over to his truck. Seeing that I was struggling to get in, he came around and gave me a slight lift to get in. “Thanks,” I said as I closed the door myself. I didn’t like being treated like ‘the girl’, so I wanted to do things like that myself. We ended up watching some comedy that was a little vulgar for me. I didn’t like swearing that much and it kinda bugged me, but I acted like I didn’t totally hate it because Johnny was so into it. Afterward, he wanted to know what I wanted to eat, so I told him to follow me. We got to the beach and luckily the hot dog stand was still open, so I told him to wait and ran over to get four hot dogs. I came back and gave him three and a soda. “You only want one?” he asked and I nodded yes. “Well let me pay you back. After all, I invited you out,” he said reaching for his wallet. “No. You paid for the movies, so please let me pay for this?” I asked looking up at him in the darkness. Sighing he said something like, “You are too cute for your own good.” But I wasn’t sure. The two of us walked down the steps leading to the beach and sat down in the sand eating. He had his third one down while I was still nibbling on my first. “You want this?” I asked holding out half of my hot dog. “Alec, what's the matter with you?” he asked looking at me suspiciously. “Nothing. I’m just not that hungry,” I said avoiding his eyes taking the hot dog back. “Please don’t lie to me Alec,” he said, scooting closer to me and taking my hand. “I have noticed that you are much too skinny. Do you have a problem with eating?” “I want to go home,” I said looking straight ahead and ignoring the question. “Alec-” “I said I want to go home,” I said more directly, more menacingly. “OK, come on,” Johnny said while getting up and offering his hand. Ignoring the gesture, I got up and walked over to the car. He started talking about random things like sports and cars and I nodded, giving monosyllabic answers when required. When we pulled up to my house I said, “Thanks Johnny, I really enjoyed tonight.” He was quiet,so I waited for a few seconds. When I opened the door to get out he said:,“Alec, I know you don’t like it when I pry, but believe me when I tell you that you are worthy of happiness. I don’t know why you do what you do, but I won’t pretend like the other people in your life that this isn’t happening. You need to be confronted and you need help. Just let me help you. Please?” He gave me a look of true concern and for a moment, I considered telling him the truth, but just then the front door was thrown open, my grandmother and Edward rushing out. Both of them were yelling at me saying how irresponsible I was and how I wasn’t allowed to leave without a guard going along. I looked at Johnny, gave him a tight smile, then followed them inside ,where the lectures continued.
  8. abbillion

    Chapter 1

    ALEC: “You! How- how dare you! Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!!” Every word was perfectly spoken- even under the threat of kidnapping- as a member of the aristocracy it was implied. Even more so by a PRINCE! The black Rolls Royce sped away and I didn’t recognize my driver, Pearson, but saw a rather attractive blonde guy with light green eyes. He didn’t look that old. He was well built and hot-yes I noticed- but could not be more than nineteen years old. “I apologize for having to do this Your Royal Highness-” Cutting him off, I curtly replied: “It’s Your Serene Highness actually. The Royal would imply that I was an heir to a country, but I’m not.” “I apologize Your SERENE Highness,” He said emphasizing the serene, “, but I had no other option. You see…” At that stage I zoned out. My name is- His Serene Highness, Prince Alexander Phillip Nicolas Bannerman Rothschild de Lambert. Most people know me as Alec de Lambert. Papa was a prince and Mama came from a very wealthy family. Together they became the power couple of the town. Billionaire royals-- one would think that I would have had the perfect life. Unfortunately this was not the case. I am a sixteen year old boy. I have black hair and a pale skin color that I received from my Russian bloodline. Mama gave me the Rothschild pale grey eyes and her tiny and skinny frame that makes me look like a much younger kid. Apparently this was the reason for people always being over protective of me. I should also mention that I’m clumsy, neurotic, emotionally unavailable, cold and a snob sometimes. These are words that my nanny’s have attributed to me as I grew up. Papa and Mama died when I was eight in a yachting accident that left me the richest young prince in the world. I stayed with Grandmamma. She is- Her Serene Highness, The Dowager Princess Alexandra Isabella Nicolai Bannerman de Lambert. She is Papa’s mother and has always been supportive of me. Noticing the car come to a stop I immediately noticed that we were in the industrial part of town. Walking around the blonde guy opened the back door for me, but I was staring straight ahead with my nose in the air. I was wearing a black tuxedo as we, Grandmamma and I, had gone to see the Russian Ballet. We even had our own box and halfway threw I had felt sick and decided to go home. Grandmamma had said the she would see me later at the house. “Your Highness?” Ignoring the man I kept looking forward when he reached in grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the car throwing me over his shoulder. I gasped indignantly and hit him repeatedly on the back half screaming: “Put me down! Put me down you impertinent bastard!” He threw me down on a very dodgy looking bed then cuffed my right wrist to the bedpost. “W-w-what do y-y-you w-want?” I asked fearfully realizing for the first time that I may die. He didn’t answer me and walked outside locked the door and I think he must have parked the car inside so the police could not see it. “My family is very rich. If you want money they’ll pay if you don’t harm me.” I said quivering with fear as he walked towards me. Sitting down next to me he said: “My name is Edward McKenzie. I was hired to protect you at school. Recently your Grandmother has received threats against you and as I have a black belt in Karate and I’m only nineteen she hired me so that I may blend in at school for your protection.” “Then why the hell did you kidnap me tonight!?” I half yelled at him. “We received a tip that you may be kidnapped at the ballet and we didn’t have time to inform your grandmother so I just kidnapped you. She will be informed once she is home and then I will deliver you personally.” “So you work for me?” I asked looking at him. “Yes, in a way Your Highness.” He said looking pissed. I felt satisfaction that I was going to cut this cocky, handsome and much too arrogant boy right down to size! “Well, then first remove the cuffs and secondly you are fired.” I was looking at him smugly with my “ice prince persona” in full force. Getting up he walked to the door. “What are you doing?” I asked looking at him dressed casually in ripped jeans and white T-Shirt. He really did have a reason for being so cocky. The veins on his muscles could be seen all the way from the moon. He had only a slight covering of hair. Not too much that was kinda sexy. WTF! What are you thinking Alec? He is an employee and he is obviously straight. “Don’t ignore me!” I yelled out. Many psychiatrists say that I go mad when people ignore me, because my rich family didn’t give me enough attention. Even Grandmamma was always busy at functions and committees. “Someone has daddy issues. Looks like you didn’t get enough love and attention as a child. You know what, Princess?” He was speaking calmly and quietly, “People like you are spoilt and pampered and I have gotten used to not getting into arguments with YOUR type.” He was casually lighting a cigarette while not even looking at me. “You arrogant asshole! You know nothing- NOTHING- about me! You live a quiet and peaceful life. You don’t get hunted down by paparazzi when you are eight years old and your parents died. You don’t get threatening letters everyday of your life. You don’t get kidnapped by people you have never met and cuffed to a bed like some animal! So do not dare to tell me that MY TYPE,” I spat that at him, “is pampered and spoilt. The money is not all it’s cut out to be Mr. McKenzie.” He looked at me and then came over to the bed and removed the cuff. He held my wrist and rubbed it until the soreness felt a little better. “Your wrist is so tiny. I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said as he looked at me and kept rubbing my wrist. “I’m not tiny.” I said petulantly, just like a child. I never acted like this. What was this guy’s hold over me? “I didn’t mean it like that. You are perfectly formed. You are just smaller, but that makes you look even hotter.” He had this husky voice and I got goose bumps all over my body and started to shake. “I’m sorry, are you cold?” He asked. “No, thank you. I’m fine.” I said. “And put out the damn cigarette! It’s incredibly rude to smoke and common!” “Well excuse me princess!! But I don’t have the money for Cuban cigars.” He was scowling at me and I was glaring at him. “I don’t mean the brand you quaff! I mean smoking is gross and common! You’ll get cancer and yellow teeth.” I said glaring at me as he laughed. “Why are you laughing?” I asked annoyed. “What the fuck is a quaff?” He barely got the words out before he burst into another round of giggles. I couldn’t help it and had this stupid grin on my face. I reluctantly admitted that I didn’t know, but he kept laughing. “I should stop smoking. I only started in school cause all my friends were doing it.” He smiled and put out the cigarette on the floor. “Ah, you were THAT kid in school.” I said rolling my eyes. “Probably prom king and slept with the entire female population of the school.” I hated those kids! “Well I slept with most of the hot guys, but yeah I was king.” He was so arrogant! God, it really got to me. “You slept with guys too!?” I looked at him. “No, I only slept with guys. I’m gay.” He looked at me weirdly. “Oh,” insert nervous laughter, “I didn’t know.” I said looking away. “Are you blushing?” “NO!” I lied. “You are! I think you like me.” He said smiling that arrogant smile. “You are gay too. I bet with your looks you’ve had so many guys it’s not even funny!” “Noooo!” I said dragging it out. “I haven’t even snogged a guy-- or girl for that matter.” “I knew you weren’t American. Snog? You have to be English right?” He said flashing that much too debonair smile at me. “Lord, I need a drink.” I muttered to myself. “No, I just had a British nanny while growing up. I was home schooled till I begged my grandmother at the beginning of this year to go to school with normal people.” “Cool.” He said. A silence started between us and suddenly I remembered what he had said to me a few minutes ago about daddy issues. “What does that mean? Daddy issues?” I said looking at him and lifting a brow. “You are damaged. You always want more attention than you can possibly get. That is why you are so driven, so successful in school and everything. You are looking for the approval of everyone, because you didn’t get it at home.” ***** As I stormed into my house and slammed the door in Edward’s face. I stormed down the marble hallway into the enormous library where I knew my grandmother would be waiting. Classical music was playing as she was sitting in front of a grand fireplace under a huge portrait of me standing beside her as she sat in a chair. We both were wearing formal clothes the day it was painted. “Alexander. I’m so happy to see you alive.” My grandmother said totally drunk. That seems to be a problem with the idle rich- alcoholics. She was sipping a martini. I loved her and she was so funny when she was totally zonked. “Where can I buy a gun?” I asked. “Almost anywhere. Why?” She asked. Most people would have laughed at this response, but I was too upset at Edward. “Edward! He is such a horrible person.” I said angrily. “Sweetheart. Don’t be mean. He is a nice person. Don’t be a snob.” She said as she took another sip. She was a beautiful woman at 52. She was elegant and stylish and looked better than most moms in my school. Right now she was wearing a beautiful purple, blue and white evening gown with white gloves that reached past her elbows. Her jewels alone could feed the whole of Africa for a year. “Great! So now both of you think I’m just this high-maintenance mess who’s desperate for attention!” With that said I stormed out of the room and up the stairs to my suite. ***** “Hi, guys.” I said as I greeted my friends the next morning as they came thru the door of my room. I was lying in bed sulking. We were a really weird bunch of people. There was Rita, the fat weird stalker, Chase, the football loving jock, and Claire, the slutty alcoholic bitchy girl. We were all so close since middle school and stood by each other threw everything. “What are you doing in bed drinking?” Rita asked looking at the martini shaker on the nightstand and the drink in my hand. “I do it all the time.” Claire mumbled. “Ok, I talked to the dowager.” Chase said. He was the only person who could get away with calling her that- so hot and such a flirt. “It must be hard for someone like you to admit that a guy has jerked you around.” Claire said sitting down and taking the shaker and drinking straight from it. “Someone like me?” I asked. “Someone materialistic, self-absorbed, vain-“ “Strong, I know. You don’t have to tell me how awesome I am. Tell Edward.” I said Chase sat next to me and said: “Come on. We are going to get a movie.” “No.” I said as I rolled around. He grabbed me and looked at me with puppy dog eyes that always made me feel like he did it on purpose. Which I’m sure he did. “Fine!” I said getting up in only my jockeys. “I guess if I had to I could swing your way Alec.” Chase joked as he looked at me. “Suck it Chase.” I said. He smiled and was about to say something when I yelled: “Don’t! It’s too easy.” ***** On the ride to school I completely ignored Edward. God Dammit he looked so hot. As we stepped out of the black town car he followed me and pretended that we were friends and smiling. I mean Chase was really nice and all, but we had known each other for years. No one would believe that a super jock like Edward would be my friend. At least our group was still weird. In my first period Edward, Rita and I sat next to each other. I had at least one friend in every class and Edward took the same classes as me. Edward went forward to the teacher-- probably to silently discuss his presence. Grandmother had probably already let the teachers know, but he was very professional. “If he were my boyfriend I would lock him up and never let him leave my room.” Rita said. I looked at her strangely cause we all know she went a little psycho stalker on her boyfriends. She was sort of fat and had a really funny sense of humor. Seeing my look she quickly replied: “It was a problem then. For it is not one now.” “Would you look at him so arrogant that he is even charming Mrs. Clint.” I sighed as he laughed with the teacher. The bell hadn’t rung yet, but some of the girls were checking him out. “Just ignore him. It’s not happening if you don’t look at it.” Rita said. “Like poverty.” I muttered. “Typical.” I hadn’t noticed Edward had come back and was sitting down in the seat next to me. “Excuse me?” I asked pissed. “It’s just like a spoiled brat like you to be rude to poor people.” He said glaring at me. “Screw you asshole.” I said scowling at him. Luckily the bell rang saving us from really getting into it. Edward was barely paying attention as he didn’t really have to be in school. I wondered why he didn’t go to college. I didn’t speak to Edward till lunch and as we both sat down with my friends. Chase and Edward instantly started talking about football and as Edward got up to leave I glared at Chase and said: “You guys have a nice little chit chat?” “Oh my God, he started talking to me. What did you want me to do? Ignore him?” He asked looking at me. “Yeah, pretty much!!” I said continuing to glare at him. “So I guess we can’t invite him to poker night?” Rita asked looking at me hopefully. “Hahahahaha.” I laughed fakely and got up to go to the bathroom. As I walked away I heard Rita ask: “Was that a yes?” And Claire saying: “NO!” I walked into the bathroom and was washing my hands when I heard someone say: “Gotcha.” I turned around and saw a football jock standing there. “What do you want Johnny?” I asked irritated. He had been after me for years. No one aside from my three friends knew that I was gay, but Johnny always wanted to tease me in front of his friends- never in front of Chase- but afterwards he would make suggestive remarks that worried me. “I want those sensual lips wrapped around this.” He said as he adjusted his package. “Dream on.” I said as I smiled at him and walked past him. “Ah, come on Alec. Please.” He said looking at me with the same puppy dog eyes as Chase. Jocks know that they are hot so they always know how to operate. “Sorry, Johnny.” I said as I walked out of the door and into Edward. “Where the fuck have you been?” Edward asked grabbing my arm. “Ouch.” I said as he continued to hold my arm. Johnny came out and must have seen my face and said: “I think you should let him go.” They were both 6’2” with blonde hair and Edward had light green eyes and Johnny had ice blue eyes. They were both muscled, but Edward had a black belt in karate and I didn’t want Johnny to get hurt. “Who the fuck are you?” He asked looking at Johnny. “Uhm, its ok Johnny.” I said as I looked at him. “The fuck it is.” He said grabbing Edwards’s arm-- big mistake. Edward threw him against the wall and he hit his head. I gasped and ran to him falling to my knees and cradling Johnny’s head in my lap. “You are such an asshole!” I screamed at Edward. Thank God most people were at lunch. “What did I do?” Edward asked looking at me. I ignored him and turned to Johnny who was holding his cheek where his face hit the wall. “Are you ok?” I asked softly as my hand touched his where he cradled his cheek. He looked at me and said: “Yeah, if this is how you are gonna be treating me after I get my ass kicked I’ll have to do it some more.” Then he winked at me and started to get up. “I should help you to the nurse.” I said as I shot a glare at Edward who was glaring back at me. ***** “I mean what kind of a man-animal goes around beating people up!” I screamed. My grandmother, Edward and I were in the library at home fighting. “Alexander show some decorum. Mr. McKenzie is doing us an enormous favor in protecting you.” My grandmother said as she took another sip from her drink. “Yeah, princess chill.” He said looking at me. I shot him a glare that would have killed most people and stormed out. ***** EDWARD: “So how long have you two been interested in each other?” The Dowager Princess asked me. “Interested?! In that skinny brat!? I don’t think so!” I yelled. “Really?” She asked with this knowing look. “Your Highness, I really don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I’m not interested in Alec. I mean he is spoilt and selfish and vain. He doesn’t like hard labor and in case you didn’t know, I’m poor. He wouldn’t even fall for someone like me.” I said. “I’m very aware that my grandson has led a privileged life, but he was born into this world. It is not his fault. If the two of you are interested in each other-- go for it. Don’t let money get in the way.” She gave me a peaceful smile. I looked at her in a stylish black D&G suit with pearls at her ears, throat and wrist. She looked every inch the materialistic matriarch of the family, but in her words I heard love and understanding for her grandson and me. “May I ask why you are being so understanding Your Highness?” “I too came from a poor family. I was not worthy to marry a Prince, but my husband chose me and he was threatened to lose everything- his title and his family for me. You see his parents wanted him to marry an heiress, because the Depression had taken a toll on the family fortune, but he didn’t choose the money. My son married his wife out of obligation, I begged him not to do it, but he would not listen. They both died in a yachting accident, but they did not love each other and that is why I want my Alexander to meet someone he can love.” “Thank you, Your Highness.” “Edward, there is one more thing. I must tell you something very personal that may not come out.” She said walking over to the door and closed it and asked that I sit down opposite her in front of the fire. “I must ask that you take care of Alexander. He is young and impressionable. I have spoken with my doctors and I have three months at the most to live. I have cancer.” She said looking at me with a kind and beautiful face. “I’m so sorry Your Highness.” I started to say. “That is quite alright young man, but you must promise to protect Alexander. There will be many people who will want to use him to gain something. I trust that you will always be there for him even if you will not be together as a couple.” “Your Highness, I promise that I will protect him with my life.” I swore.
  9. Just got back from a cruise baby!

    1. Cia


      Sounds relaxing. Hugs! Now start talking to me again. Missed ya Anton!

    2. Nephylim


      Cool. Next time can you pack me in a suitcase and take me with you. I could so do with a holiday

  10. Wishing you a new year full of pretty things and happy Rainbows!!

    Love, Momma Rush

  11. That sounds like it needs a pm convo dear. I'd like to talk to you about it, just not publicly. Send me a message when you're ready.

  12. You're not kidding! I hope all is well! I missed you too, it's been forever. I'd like to see you around more, so I hope you'll start coming back to the site, lots of changes, eh?

  13. SORRY! Been away for a really long time. Missed you.

  14. Where are you???

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