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  1. Cia

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Probably my annoying habit of correcting people. I have no control over my mouth if I hear someone mispronouncing something or reading over the shoulder of my classmates and correcting their spelling... Some people take it the wrong way. Next question: what's the most embarassing situation you were ever caught in?
  3. My dream vacation would be touring Europe with my bf and and our friends. Do some sightseeing, taste the local cuisine, soak in the atmosphere... What would a song about your life be called and who would perform it?
  4. I wouldn't do it just to look young like botox injections or stretching and pulling skin. I'd maybe laser off some body hair if you call that cosmetic surgery. Next Q: What published author would you most like to interview and what would be your first question?
  5. That would have to be Quasar which is sold in a chain store in my country. Don't know ir it's sold anywhere else. And the reason why is simple. Because my bf loves it when I wear it and was the only one I owned when I met him. In which GA story would you like to be a character in?
  6. My favorite PJ's =D By which deadly sin will you be judged?
  7. I'd try to talk to them and work things out. If there's a need for revenge, there's a corresponding feeling of harm done by me and I like to be confronted with my faults. If you had the chance to become a character in your favorite book, or favorite book series, who would you be and why?
  8. Whoever can work but doesn't because they are more comfortable sitting on their arse at home getting their welfare check!! My question: What question would you absolutely avoid giving an answer to and why?
  9. Cia

    Happy Birthday Dargon!

  10. Happy birthday!!

  11. Happy belated birthday Maria!! Hope you had a great one!
  12. I'm so sorry for being late for this. I haven't been on the site forever! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day babe =D
  13. LOOL glad to hear from you. Thanks for the cake =) Looks yummy. I'm sorry uni's giving you such a hard time, but enjoy it too. 'hugs'

  14. Uni calls, killllmenow. Talk more later :)

  15. Also, I lost that list we made! The one with all the things we'd have to do/eat if we ever met each other. DEVASTATED. I was looking for it so i could be like HAPPY BIRTHDAY *flashes list* etc. but then i couldn't find it and got sidetracked by work. SO BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY AS WELL.

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