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    Chapter 1

    ALEC: “You! How- how dare you! Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!!” Every word was perfectly spoken- even under the threat of kidnapping- as a member of the aristocracy it was implied. Even more so by a PRINCE! The black Rolls Royce sped away and I didn’t recognize my driver, Pearson, but saw a rather attractive blonde guy with light green eyes. He didn’t look that old. He was well built and hot-yes I noticed- but could not be more than nineteen years old. “I apologize for having to do this Your Royal Highness-” Cutting him off, I curtly replied: “It’s Your Serene High
  2. Just got back from a cruise baby!

    1. Cia


      Sounds relaxing. Hugs! Now start talking to me again. Missed ya Anton!

    2. Nephylim


      Cool. Next time can you pack me in a suitcase and take me with you. I could so do with a holiday

  3. SORRY! Been away for a really long time. Missed you.

  4. I am from South Africa too. Oops! Now I am nervous! *Giggle* Don't say I am here! :P

  5. does anyone know how the blackberry instant messaging works?!?!?!!?

    1. ricky


      poorly and only with another BB.

  6. Never seen the bitchy side of you! :P

  7. Real mature there, but what can one expect from an 18 year old! LOL!

  8. thanks! i am super excited!!!!!

  9. Run along little one and play with the little kids! :P

  10. whatever! :P go sniff some more gasoline! LOL! :P

  11. Thanks, but enjoy being young and carefree! :( I am almost ready to die! ;)

  12. Thanks, dude! I am old now though. *hits head on arms*

  13. I should hate your youthfulness, since I envy it. :( I am OLD! *Cries*

  14. Thanks, but I am depressed. Happy that I got lots of nice presents!!! But sad that I am OLD!! *sobs*

  15. Thanks! You too, today! Nice name btw.

  16. Jerk! You didn't even wish me a happy birthday! :( MEAN!!!!

  17. *Shove* You are such a bully! :(

  18. April people are the best! Happy birthday in advance!

  19. HOLA! How are you?

  20. THANKS! Just shout and I'll be on! :P I am 20! I am OLD! No more a teenager for me!!!

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