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  1. A really nice chapter but so sad. I really hope you will write a few more chapters, I really want to know how everyone else handles Ryan's death and Luke coming out as Gay.
  2. Despite how horrible the police where with Luke and getting the info out of him, I imagine it probably for the best, he has a lot of guilt and now his parents and Simon know about it, they will be able to help. Great chapter, I can't wait to read what happens next
  3. Simonjames30


    Riley, Such an emotional chapter, I didn't have a good feeling for Ryan, and Luke is taking his death personally, on top of finding out he wasn't there for Simon when he needed him. Luke is it quite a dark place I just hope that his friends and Elliott can be there for him and show him it wasn't his fault. I also wonder what was published in the papers, it sounds like Luke's parents don't know he is gay yet but it probably is going to come out at some point. It will be interesting to see how Luke handles that. Another great chapter.
  4. Great chapter, so relived to find out that Luke is OK. I just hope that Ryan will pull though too, though I don't have a good feeling about that. looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. I am not sure I would describe it as the wait it over................
  6. Simonjames30

    Left Waiting

    How could you!!!! I really hope we find out soon what has happened to Luke and Ryan
  7. Simonjames30


    Talk about a cliffhanger, I real hope that Luke is going to pull through, there is so much more of his story to still discover. Elliot is going to be so upset when he finds out that Luke is injured and especially if he finds out that Ryan's dad caught them in a compromising situation. Hope the next chapter won't be too long.
  8. Simonjames30

    After the Fire

    Really glad to see Simon is starting to get over what happened, I still think he should tell Luke the whole story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  9. Simonjames30

    The Wrong Wolf

    Another great chapter, hopefully Simon is starting to see he is about to implode if something doesn't change. I really hope the cliff hanger isn't Toby doing something stupid, but he also needs help. Hopefully he might confide in Grace what happened.
  10. Another great chapter, I do like the ones with Ryan's Grandparents in. Like other have said, little worried for Simon all alone at home with the dark place he is in mentally.
  11. I really hope Simon doesn't do something really stupid, but it kind of feels like he is heading in a downward spiral at the moment. Looking forward to the next instalment
  12. Happy Birthday, great chapter i can't wait for the next one. I really hope Simon talks to someone about what happened or someone finds out he really needs some help.,
  13. I am so happy to see this story back on the site I first started reading this on the old efiction part of the web site and then again when it was moved to the new software. Really looking forward to see the conclusion to this story which has been one of my all time favourites since it was first published all those years ago. I am just starting to re-read it so haven't got to the big changes yet but, will get their shortly, and even though i haven't got to the hang yet my heart goes out to Ryan....
  14. I joined GA after reading some of Comicality work on Niffy and then promptly read all of his stories here. I then quickly found people like Dom Luka and just when from there really and now I am always on the hunt for a new author I like.
  15. This is a hard one as I love so many of the stories but my favourite story is the The Kandric Saga. I choose this one, as there is no other story that when a chapter gets posted I drop what I am doing to read it and have even delayed going to work to read a new chapter rather than have to wait all day. The way Kyle tells the story just keeps me gripped and while I wished chapters came out quicker I just love this story.
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