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  1. Thanks for reading my story about Best Friends!

    1. Zeoanne


      Any time. It was a good story. I only wish to have read more of their lives together but I can make the scenes in my own mind. Keep 'em coming, Daddydavek! (BTW, I have a new name since Rush doesn't exist in my life any longer. Thank Goodness!)

  2. Hi Rush. Just minutes left to go before midnight. You have been pretty quiet this year, I hope all is well with you. That every day life lets you come by more often in the future. You are important to us here.

    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope that you had a great day. Kind thoughts going your way.


    Take care


    1. Zeoanne


      Hi, Sandrewn. Sorry for such a long delay in replying. 2018 was a horrendous year for me after losing my mom on Dec. 2017. I became overwhelmed with Clinical Depression and I'm still in therapy for it. I spend most of my time reading and crafting these days. I just spoke with Nephylim and she's going to help me get out of my funk so I can finish editing the two stories I have finished, which are total chaos LOL. I'm hoping to be able to get them published before the end of the year. Those would be my first published full novels. Fingers crossed.

      It feels quite good knowing someone is thinking of me. I hope you're doing well and that 2019 brings you happiness, but above all, good health.


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Waaaay Belated Birthday, Beautiful! Sorry I missed the party and I really hope you had a wonderful day! <3
  5. Zeoanne

    Chapter 1

    OMGs, Anyta. You had me in tears. This is so, so... It's good, very good. Well written and oh, so touching. Thanks for sharing this even though this is from '11 and I'm just now reading it. You do such great work with the keyboard. Keep the words coming and the keyboard smoking hot!
  6. Happy B-day, Rush! I hope you're having a great day! :)

    1. Zeoanne


      Thank you, Lisa! Forgot to come to GA. UGH! Thanks for the wishes, though. <3

  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. Zeoanne


      Thank you, Sweet Daddy! :D

  8. Happy Birthday, Steve. Hope it's a good one!
  9. Happy Belated, Beautiful Girl. I hope it was one hell of a day for you!
  10. Happy Belated Birthday, James. Hope you had a fantastic day and let there be many good ones more to come!
  11. I hope our Beautiful Lacey kicks whatever's ailing him soon. Warm hugs to him and tons of positive energy.
  12. Happy Birthday, Graeme. I hope it was a pleasant day for you.
  13. Happy Belated Birthday, son. What a bad Momma I am for being way late to the party. I hope you had a wonderful day!
  14. Hi, BHopper. I've watched a few movies by director Casper Andreas that have been quite good. Some are Violet Tendencies, Going Down in La-La Land, and Between Love and Goodbye. Casper himself acts in quite a few of the movies and he's hot as all get out! (at least for my taste). And I totally agree, a lot of the movies I've watched the acting is atrocious! Sometimes I ask, "where the hell did they find these people?" Answer: right off the street (no schooling). Good luck finding great ones out there.
  15. Happy Birthday. Hope it's a good one!
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