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  1. shyboy85

    Chapter 29

    "He was already in Spencer’s good graces, and in any event, he wasn’t even sure if Spencer was still the First Lord." Interesting comment. Will it be St Vincent yet when he returns to England?
  2. shyboy85

    Chapter 28

    Granger being set up for Captain of the Fleet at the battle of Copenhagen?
  3. shyboy85

    Chapter 25

    Except that the Tsar is dead in 3 months.
  4. I have expressed my opinion to Mark Arbour several times about your opinion of Will's actions in the CAP series. Somehow I feel that your attitude about Will is short-sighted- Yes, Will has been legally emancipated and may therefore make some decisions about matters  that affect his life as an adult, such things as contracts and other monetary matters, but that emancipation does NOT make him into an adult for non.legal matters.
    I feel that your negativity toward him is a result of forgetting that as far as life experience is concerned, Will is still only fifteen years of age and many of his reactions are colored by his youth. He makes the same sort of mistakes that any other 15 y/o might make, especially by not taking into account the effect of the words he uses. He is not a professor like JP and he does make mistakes, but I believe is intent is good — he just wants to provide guidance to others, but, at his age just does not know quite how to do it.


  5. shyboy85

    Chapter 26

    Great book! At times a confusing way to narrate the story, bouncing from the distant past, to the first ending of the war. Should we assume Grim to be the main narrator of book 5, given his being portrayed as the cynic in this book?
  6. shyboy85

    Chapter 25

    Great chapter! (And actually chapter 25, contrary to AwesomeDude's🙈)
  7. shyboy85

    Chapter 20

    Thanks for our Bridgemont fix! I've been reading up on British naval history. I don't think I'm spoiling too much if I say I wish the story skips quickly to 6 months from now!
  8. Rereading this great novel, I'm seeing more and more how dreadful I was as a commenter, for which I give you my apologies. In that light, it may seem harsh to comment in the fashion I'm about to do, but it's the way I feel about your writing. Firstly, your work has taught me loads about your country in general, and your upbringing in the Midwest specifically. That being said, as a European, I'm wont to have a sceptical view on some of the views on politics displayed, even by self avowed Democrats in your story. Take the quote below for instance. "“No offense, Mr. Kramer,
  9. Does anyone know what happened to our beloved Graeme?
  10. shyboy85

    Chapter 15

    Caroline shows her lack of understanding of the society she lives in, like I commented recently on a prior chapter. Having the gall to call out George,, for incomparable faults. It's an interesting look into British aristocracy, since I can well imagine many women thinking the same, but to have a woman of her station so overtly oppose her husband, seems a bit far fetched. Caroline is an intelligent woman, that knows how to conduct her in the political trenches connected to her station, but she has NO idea how to conduct her in a patriarchy of the level of that age.
  11. shyboy85

    Chapter 11

    Rather, I think that deep down she doesn't grasp the requirements of her station. Sure, she's politically astute, charming in high society surroundings, but she is too much a free spirit in a strictly patriarchal society like the 18th and 19th century British aristocracy.
  12. shyboy85

    Chapter 71

    Uhm, Caroline has done nothing but hold grudges up until this carriage ride. She even had the gall to feel herself offended when George ordered her to Brentwood, after the conception of Elizabeth. In an era noted for patriarchy she felt she had the right to go to Spencer directly. Do I need to go on? I'm surprised Heathford was as hard a deal maker in arranging her marriage as he was portrayed to be, as in the entire story you have to question whether or not Caroline understands her place in society. She'd be more properly married off to a merchant.
  13. shyboy85

    Chapter 40

    “Is it contagious?” Humphreys asked. He’d been on the periphery of the conversation, as if worried that if he got too close, he would become infected. “Most people say it is, but I do not think so,” Jackson said. “So you may take your chances as you see fit.” Rereading this true master piece, I'm wondering about this quote. We've come to know Dr. Jackson as a man ahead of the curve in his field. Having him question the contagiousness of a fever feels wrong. I reckon it was meant to make him human, instead of saint-like
  14. shyboy85

    Chapter 8

    Remind me: Master Vin is looking for Prism, right?
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